Nights of Sin

By: Sam Crescent

“What rules could you have possibly broken? You don’t do anything.”

“Are you being an ass on purpose?”

Again, he smirked.

Shaking her head, she turned back to putting books on the shelf, and he made her cry out as he moved right behind her, trapping her. He placed his hands on either side of her head, gripping the shelf. She tried to push him away, but he didn’t budge.

“Do it again. Your ass is rubbing against my dick, and I do love it when I’m balls deep inside a woman’s ass.”

She froze, shocked, ashamed, and aroused by what he was saying to her.

“Let me go.”

“No. It’s Friday night, and I want you at the club tonight.”

“You’re insane.”

“No, insane is waiting four weeks for a woman who has been staring at you to make her move. You’ve not made a move once, and I know you’ve been looking.”

She rested her head on the shelf, and she shuddered as he moved some hair away from her shoulder, exposing her neck. His lips brushed against her neck, and her pussy grew slick.

“Come tonight to the club. Wear a dress, no panties, and I’ll give you the time of your life.” He placed his hand on her stomach.

“The club is supposed to stay at the club.”

“Are you afraid of getting a little dirty, Alexa?” he asked.

Gritting her teeth, she tried to find something witty to say, but nothing was forthcoming.

“You want to play, and fuck at the club, then be there tonight. Do as I instruct, and we’ll see what happens.” His teeth grazed her neck, and she bit into her lip to stop herself from crying out. “Tonight, you will come to the club, and you don’t go wandering off with Nathan.”

“What makes you think I’ll come?” she asked.

She felt his lips rise up in a smile. The hand on her stomach moved down to cup her between her thighs, and she tried to move away from him, which only nestled her ass against his cock. He was rock hard, and he groaned. “No matter how you fight me, I’m not going to give you a chance to deny what you want. You’ll come tonight without panties, and I’ll have you screaming my name as you come in my mouth, over my fingers. You’ll love every single second of what I do to you.” He moved his hand, sliding it down her jeans to actually touch her pussy. “This is what makes me believe that you’re going to come tonight. You’re already soaking wet, and I bet your pussy is begging for some hard cock.”

This man was just beyond any words that she could think of. He was so sure of himself, and why shouldn’t he be? She was soaking wet. She wanted to have sex with him, and tonight she’d be there just to see what happened.

He teased his fingers through her slit, going down to plunge inside her.

“So, tell me what a little librarian is doing at a sex club?”

“None of your business.”

Corey chuckled. “Okay, I’ll get an answer out of you soon enough.” He bit her neck, and she whimpered, trying to keep her noises to a minimum. “Tonight, you’re not going to be able to stay quiet. I’m going to have you screaming. Your voice is going to be so hoarse with all the screaming you’re going to be doing.”

Two fingers stroked over her clit, and he didn’t stop. His other hand unbuttoned her jeans, and he moved them until they were at her knees.

“You’ve got to stop.”

“Is that an order or a suggestion?” he asked.

She didn’t know what it was.

His hand slid into her panties, and he started to stroke her clit. She heard how wet she was as he teased her. He moved his fingers down to her entrance, and pushed two fingers up inside her. “See, you’re so wet, and ready for a nice hard cock. I bet it’s all you think about at times, right? You want a nice big cock fucking this tight pussy. How long has it been since you’ve been with someone? You’re so tight. I’m not a small man, baby. You’re going to have to get used to my dick.”

She started to thrust onto his fingers, and he pressed his thumb to her clit.

“Fuck, baby, you’re a hot piece of ass, and you’re going to be so good to play with.”

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