Say Uncle

By: C.M. Steele

“Yes, I understand. I’m yours,” she moaned and parted her thighs for me. I used my free hand to undo my pants and unleashed my cock for her freshly awakened pussy. Rubbing the head along her panties, I teased her until she started to beg.

“Please,” she moaned.

“Not until you promise me you won’t talk to him again,” I answered as I pulled her panties to the side and rubbed the head against her slit this time. Panting but still defiant, she shook her head.

“No?! You’re still going to deny this for him?” I said menacingly.

“Please…Uncle Dean,” she purred. Damn. She knew that I didn’t like her calling me that. I wasn’t her uncle by any stretch of the imagination, especially after I broke up this sham of a marriage.

“You’re going to pay for that, sweetheart,” I growled in her ear. I stepped back and she pouted, which instantly satisfied me as much as it pissed her off.

I flipped her quickly and lifted her onto her knees. Like I promised, my hand hit her pale flesh, reddening it and causing her to cry out. I did it again because I wanted to make it clear I was serious, but the second time I softened the blow, and she whimpered. Then I started to massage it.

“What’s my name?” I prodded, daring her to say it again.

“Depends…” She blushed.

“Are you ready to get spanked again?” I threatened.

“No,” she sighed. Could she want what I think she wanted?

I tested her pussy; despite the pain, my girl was soaked and nearly jumped with excitement. I lifted her body up so I could reach her pretty mouth. I kissed her hungrily. She wasn’t the only one horny as fuck again. “I don’t like spanking you, so next time, you’re going to get a mouth full of my cock.”

“Uncle Dean, please,” she panted. Yep, I was right; she wanted to suck me off.

“Sweetheart, as much as I would love to stuff it in your mouth, I’m already close to coming. Just remember I owe you one, but right now I want in you,” I said as I pushed my dick all the way in her sweet snatch, sending her back down onto her hands.

My hands gripped her fat, red ass cheeks, and I pumped into her unprotected womb. Fuck. If I kept this up, she’d be pregnant before we left Vegas. I reached around to her tits and played with those plump motherfuckers. I wanted to stick my dick between them, and I would later. She already owed me one “Uncle Dean” already. I was fucking those tits later tonight while she sucked me off.

I shut off thoughts of doing her boobs because I was about to nut, and I couldn’t be leaving her young pussy hungry. One hand still teased her tit while the other gripped her fucking hair. I pulled it back and gripped her tight and started driving roughly into her. Her little cunt was so fucking wet and pulsing, I knew she would be getting off soon.

“Give me your tongue, babe,” I demanded as I lifted her face to mine.

Our mouths met, and her pussy started milking my cock. We both cried out in each other’s mouths as we came together. I held her with her back pressed against my chest until I caught my breath. We fell asleep, only to wake up hours later to fuck again.

Chapter 4

For the next two days, I completely forgot about my brother and his issues. It wasn’t like I could change the fact that he’d gotten married anyway. So I spent my time learning about Angel’s body. It was perfectly smooth and curvy. I ordered us some room service because hell if I wanted her away from me. That wasn’t my usual because I normally didn’t live with a constant hard-on. Since I met my dark Angel, my cock was on full alert and ready for duty.

I’d just busted a nut in her again, so she was going to go shower. I needed to get some work done. Calling the Boston office, I checked in with my partner, but the one case we actually had a lead on was stalled due to getting DNA results back.

“So when are you coming back to Boston?” Grant asked me. I knew it was shitty to leave him like that, but it didn’t really matter because we weren’t getting much done.

“It’s going to be a week. I’m headed to Chicago first,” I stated.

After hanging up, I tossed my phone onto the bedside table, accidentally knocking down her phone. I picked up the phone and noticed that she still had that fuck’s picture on her home screen. I set her phone back down because I was about crush it.

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