Say Uncle

By: C.M. Steele

I looked into her hazel eyes and murmured, “Angel? It doesn’t suit you.”

“Well, that’s my name,” she said angrily, pulling her hand from mine.

“Don’t get offended, sweetheart. I just find you sexy as fuck, and to me you’re like the devil coming to torment me. Then again, the devil was once an angel.”

“Why, because you already have a woman, and you’re looking for a side chick?” Angel said, eying the bruise on my neck. She sounded offended, and I liked that because she had some self-respect despite her overly done dark makeup.

“This isn’t a hickey,” I denied, but she didn’t buy it.

“Yeah, right. What is it, then?” Angel asked me skeptically.

“I was playing baseball and didn’t move fast enough out of the way of a line drive, and it hit me in the neck and collarbone,” I admitted.

She looked at my build, which wasn’t helping the massive hard-on I was dealing with, then asked a logical question. “Are you a professional baseball player?”

“No way. It was a pickup game for charity. I’m a detective in Boston.” She still didn’t look like she took me seriously, so I busted out my phone and clicked on the video my friend taped. I put it in her hands, lightly touching her in the process. All you see in the clip is a bunch of guys running up to me while I was sitting on the ground. After finding out I was going to be fine, they all started ragging on me.

“See, babe. I’m not bullshitting you,” I whispered in her ear as I took my phone from her.

Feeling uncomfortable with all my closeness and her obvious enjoyment, she changed the subject. “So what are you going to Vegas for?”

I paused for a moment because I didn’t want to come off as a dick, but then she got all uncomfortable like she was pushing.

Ducking her head back into her book, she murmured, “Sorry, it’s none of my business.”

I put my hand on her tablet, pushing it away from her, and used my other hand to turn her lovely face toward me. I ignored the jolt of excitement at the contact and unsteadily said, “No, that’s not why I paused, so don’t trip about offending me, lovely Angel. My brother is getting married, and I’m going to try and stop him before it’s too late. I know it’s a dick move, but I can’t let him go through with it.”

“Why? Don’t you like the woman?” she asked me shakily. My touch was starting to affect her as much as she was affecting me. I pulled my hand away and took a quick swig of my drink before I started to talk again.

“No, I don’t know her at all. He just rushed into it claiming he’s in love, and I don’t buy it for a second.”

“Seriously?” She shook her head in disbelief in love at first sight. I wasn’t so sure it didn’t exist.

The way my heart was pounding and my cock was dancing in my jeans, I wasn’t feeling too far off from the emotion. Not that I’d ever been in love before, but I knew what lust was and this was something much stronger than that. “Yeah, but right now I’m having second thoughts on it.”

“Why?” she asked, brightening as she blushed again.

“Because suddenly I’m buying into love at first sight,” I said smoothly, implying that I was falling for her.

Shaking her head, she snickered. “Oh shut up!”

“I’m serious, Angel,” I divulged. I knew she didn’t buy it, but I was for real. My dick was hard because I was lusting like a horny teen, but my heart was pounding like I’d just run the Boston Marathon.

She just picked up her tablet again and tried to ignore me. It ticked me off because I couldn’t ignore her. Suddenly, her presence was all I could focus on. The only reason I had the book still was so I didn’t give the people across the aisle a side view of my tented jeans. Angel was welcome to look all she wanted.

“That’s not going to work now. I’m not going to let you ignore me,” I said as I leaned over her shoulder as she read. It was a big mistake because her scent was hitting my nostrils full force, and I was getting jealous of the damn bull on her hoodie so close to her breasts.

Annoyed, she turned and asked, “Are you going to stare over my shoulder the whole flight?”

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