The Billionaire Bachelor's Surprise Baby

By: Ella Jade


To Lacey Wolfe for being there from the conception of this project. Thank you for helping me to get it to take shape and figure out what direction I was headed in. Thanks for letting me bounce my craziness off you.

Thank you to Liz Castillo and Tamaria Soana for being the first readers of The Billionaire Bachelor’s Surprise Baby. You helped more than you know.

A big thanks to Shelly Small, Erika Lang, Amanda Adkins and Chris Finizio for polishing this book and making it sparkle with your eagle eyes.

To my readers... I think you’re about to find your newest book boyfriend in Kyler Barton. He’s totally swoon-worthy!

Can an unexpected baby and a quirky nanny tame a wild billionaire?

I knocked up a twenty year old waitress but in my defense I thought she was twenty-two. Seriously.

It was a sex-fueled fun three weeks with no strings until she got possessive of my time and my money. No one tells me where to be and when to be there and no one is entitled to my fortune. I broke things off and went about my privileged life. She resurfaces nine months later with a baby she claims is mine.

Can we say paternity test? She drops the kid off on my doorstep and leaves. Now I’m in over my head until a hot nanny shows up and all is taken care of. Including me...


Cocky fitness club owner Kyler Barton is having one hell of a ride. His business is booming and his social life couldn’t be better. From society girls to strippers he’s had them all and shows no sign of slowing down. Until... the mistake he thought he was done with nine months ago delivers a surprise package. His life changes in seconds when he’s left to care for a baby he has no idea what to do with.

Jenna Cranford can’t seem to find herself. At twenty-five she has no ambition to pursue a real career. When she shows up on Kyler’s doorstep hoping he’ll donate to a charity gala she’s organizing he mistakes her for his new nanny. Jenna adores kids so she gladly steps in. But for how long?

Kyler is overwhelmed with the responsibility of being an instant father. Can Jenna help him become the man he needs to be for his son? There’s an immediate attraction between the two. But when Jenna’s insecurities seep through and Kyler’s ex comes back for their baby, demanding they become a family, things get a whole lot more complicated.

“Please, little guy.” Switching shoulders, I attempted to burp my three month old son Mason. My son? How the fuck did that happen? Well, I know how it happened, but how was I ever going to get used to it? “Cut your old man a break and stop crying.” Glancing at my watch, I frowned. “I have a conference call in ten minutes and your new nanny isn’t here.”

I paced the foyer, silently praying the agency sent over a capable woman to help me out of this jam. I didn’t mean to refer to my son as a problem, it was just, I didn’t expect to be anyone’s father, not at thirty. One week ago at this time I was a bachelor without a care in the world. I did what I wanted, when I wanted, and answered to no one.

Staring down at the little round head that now rested on my shoulder, I still couldn’t believe Mason was mine.

One week earlier...

The doorbell chimed through the house, pulling me from a deep slumber. Fighting off jet lag from my recent trip to NY, I decided to sleep in. I wasn’t alone. I was never alone. The tangled mess of thoroughly fucked red hair was draped over my face. Lola. I grinned when I thought about how many times that little ginger made me lose my load last night. Maybe it wasn’t the jet lag that tired me out. I moved her to my chest, breathing in her sweet scent when that fucking doorbell echoed through the open foyer and right up into my bedroom.

“Expecting company?” Lola mumbled as she cuddled deeper into me.

“Not really.” Stroking her firm ass, I debated letting the idiot outside my front door, unannounced, on a Sunday morning wait for me. When they started banging I was pissed. “For the love of fuck!” I slipped out of bed, threw on my sweatpants and stormed down the staircase, leaving Lola in my warm bed.

This better be important. Pulling open the large, cherry door I stood frozen. What the fuck is she doing here and with...

“Hey, Kyler.” Aimee Monroe looked at me with helpless, tired eyes. Her usually shiny blonde hair was messy and piled on top of her head, strands falling against her neck. “Can we come in?”

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