The Naughty Virgin

By: Cassandra Dee

Fuck, it fucking sucked being here on a Saturday night. All teachers at Spencer Prep are expected to put in some “service” in addition to our teaching duties and mine was chaperoning this fucking teenage dance. I could hear the thump of music from the auditorium, the beat muffled as a rap song came on, some dude chanting about “everywhere I go, I see the same old ho.” What a winner of a song.

Come to think of it, it was kinda catchy and the tune was good even if the lyrics were ridiculous. The squeals of various girls rang out as they twisted against their teenage boyfriends, gyrating and humping on the dance floor. I shrugged. Hey, this was a high school function, a safe place to grind in front of the eyes of guidance counselors, teachers, and our vice principal. Besides, I just wanted some peace for my nicotine fix, the kids could get nasty all they wanted.

Strolling quietly, I wandered further down the hall into a dimly lit area and gazed moodily out a window. Spencer Prep is a fancy high school in Manhattan, a place where parents pay forty thousand dollars to send their kids to take classes like Modern European Civilizations, AP Geometry and Conversational Mandarin. I was just a plain old Biology teacher. Nope, not even AP, just regular. How I got hired, I have no idea except that there are some kids here who definitely need a steady hand. These kids are left alone way too much, with far too many resources at their fingertips and not a single adult on the horizon.

But I shrugged. My wandering foot was itching and I’d probably only be at Spencer another year or so before looking into something different. Maybe biotech. It’s a burgeoning field and I knew I had exactly what it took, what with DNA sequencing and GMO foods in the spotlight. It’d be a long shot since I’d have to transition from the classroom to a corporate gig, but this was as good a time as many to make the change. Besides, I had some personal projects on the side to manage anyhow.

So lost in my thoughts, I took another drag and wandered deeper into the shadows. The lights were dim in the corridor, my footsteps the only sound in the deserted hallway. Except I heard it then. A small scuffle and then a squeak. What the hell? Was there a mouse somewhere in these hallowed halls? A family of mice?

And then it came again. Another squeak, this time louder, accompanied by a wet popping sound. WTF was going on? Were there kids making out on the sly? Honestly, I wasn’t interested in catching them, they could sex it up for all I cared, but at the same time I was curious. Who could it be?

So I tiptoed further until the dimly lit passageway branched to the left. And around the corner, I finally saw the illicit mouse.

Because it was a girl.

A curvy, delicious girl, kneeling on her knees off to the side with her dress hitched up over her hips, her panties down around her ankles.

Her ass and pussy were bare, facing me, as she played with herself. The wet folds were pink and delicious, gleaming under the low lights as another squeal rang out, the girl’s moaning breathy and hoarse as she niggled her clit.

Oh god, oh god, it was fucking amazing. The brunette’s giant jugs had fallen out of her dress and were practically dragging on the floor, they were so enormous, the nipples pressed against the ground. And her rump, it was like a dream come true. Heart-shaped and huge, with two white fleshy orbs that jiggled and shook as she fingered herself, the dim light making them look almost fluorescent in the darkness.

By now I had my dick out, my mast at full-length and punching like a fucking ramrod. I watched, ravenous, as the brunette gasped and sighed, her fingers pinching her clit and then rubbing circles around the stiff nub, her ass waving in the air, anus winking and flirting with me.

Holy fuck. Holy fuck. The woman’s fingers dipped lower, lightly touching her hole before circling it, the cream running wetly from that dirty, delicious place, streaming down her thighs there was so much fluid. And I thought she was going to frig herself then, for sure she was going to start up a rhythm, start pushing some digits into that sweet vaginal passage.

But instead the girl pulled her cunt lips apart, spreading them, drawing the pink puffy flesh wide and I was granted a peek up her secret passage, that delicious, glistening flesh parting to reveal her insides, wet and swollen.

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