The Professor

By: Josie Leigh

The Professor Series


Professor Areleon called the first class of the semester to order as his gaze fell on the co-ed in the first row. Her caramel brown eyes settled on him and he thought he saw her pupils dilate as she looked him over. She was gorgeous. Her honey blonde hair was braided and thrown over her shoulder. Her long tan legs flirted with him from under the small desktop where she sat.

He’d been attracted to his students before, but there was something about this girl that was more, something visceral that drew him to her. He tried to reason with himself as he went over the course syllabus that it was because he was single again, that Caroline had betrayed him in the worst way, that was making him react this way to someone he knew he couldn’t have. It was a preservation thing to help him get back on track.

As he outlined the writing requirements for the class, including a few papers that he would tie to his lectures and the largest assignment for the semester: the hybrid research/opinion midterm paper on a sexual proclivity society viewed as deviant. Even though he employed graduate students for grading, he enjoyed reading this particular paper every semester. Someone, inevitably, thinking they were funny tried to defend Zoophilia, more commonly known as beastiality. He knew how hard it was to find peer reviewed papers on it, but he loved to see what research these students would try to cite. In the past, his students had the tendency to get very creative with this assignment.

Absently, he wondered what the captivating student in the front row would pick. She seemed mild mannered, but there was something about the way she looked at him that made him think there was more to her than he could possibly imagine. And his imagination was currently running wild with all of the ways he could make her scream for him.

For the first time in the three years he’d been teaching, he was glad the size of the class didn’t allow for assigned seating. He hoped that she might choose a different seat next time, a seat not directly in his vision. Though he wasn’t sure that would stop him from picking her out of the crowd of two hundred students, like a beacon.


A month into her Human Sexuality elective, Sabrina caught herself dressing to attract the focus of her smokin’ hot professor. From the moment she walked into his classroom and saw him with his long fingers wrapped around his water bottle. Watching his full lips as he took a long drink, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed, had provided enough wet dreams to last a week. Luckily, or unluckily as the case may be, he’d only given her more and more material for her spank bank as the weeks of the class wore on. She hoped that she could make it to the end of the semester without jumping him or making a fool of herself.

“I heard he’s been known to pick a co-ed from one of his classes every semester and use her for his personal research,” a girl from the class informed her one Monday while they waited for the door to be unlocked.

“That’s bullshit,” another girl grumbled, refuting the claim. “My roommate last year tried to seduce him because she failed his midterm, and she’d heard the same thing. She ended up suspended for the rest of the semester and is still on academic probation,” she continued, shaking her head. A small chorus of other horny girls in the class relayed similar stories of girls Professor Areleon had rebuffed for their attempts to get him to fix their ailing grades.

Sabrina spent the rest of the class, her eyes glued to him, but not really listening to the lecture. His mere presence in the room demanded her that her gaze never wandered to anything or anyone else. Chewing on her bottom lip, she tried to keep from slipping in to one of the erotic daydreams she was constantly having about him. They weren’t meant to be, she could get in trouble, he could get in trouble, and her parents would not be happy with her if she got so caught up in one of her professors that she forgot who she was.

With a shake of her head, she tried to clear Professor Areleon out once and for all. However, when her finger slipped under her panties after her roommate fell asleep that evening, the only image she could conjure up that left her satisfied was of a striking, physically dominate Professor with dark hair and pale blue eyes. With a light gasp, she came, soaking her panties enough that she had to change them before she could settle in for the night.

Sabrina had to get her level of attraction under control. She couldn’t have him, but every cell in her body reached for him when he was nearby. How did you fight such a visceral reaction to someone who could cost you your future?


Even though he’d wanted to save her words for last, Professor Areleon found himself searching through the stack on his desk for Sabrina’s name when one of his Grad students, Melissa, dropped off the graded midterm papers. When his eyes finally fell on the one marked with her name, his breath left him in a rush. Ripping the paper from the stack, he began to scan its contents. Surely, this was just a random topic of which she didn’t have any primary knowledge, right?

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