Trailer Park Virgin

By: Alexa Riley



I watch as she scurries around the kitchen putting food onto plates. I can’t seem to pull my eyes away from her creamy, thick legs as she moves about the kitchen wearing one of my shirts. It’s something she always does on laundry day.

The older she’s gotten over the years, the higher and higher the thing seems to be hitting on her fucking thighs. Thighs that seem to be taking up every one of my thoughts lately. Thighs I think about late at night when I stroke my cock. Thighs I want to part before feasting on what lies between them. I want to sneak into her room and taste that young pussy that I know still has a cherry. It’s in there and it needs to be taken.

Running a hand over my face, I try to ease some of the tension, a tension that’s been building for months now. A hunger like I’ve never felt. It can’t be fed and is growing each day.

I should’ve seen this coming. When little Gracie’s mom skipped town five years ago, I took her in. Gracie was only thirteen. I made no move to track down her mom. I found out a year later that she’d died from a drug overdose. No one came looking for little Grace, so I kept her. The only guilt I felt was for Gracie losing her mother, but in all honesty, she never really was one.

I always kept an eye on her before her mom skipped town, leaving her here all alone. They’d lived down the trailer court from me and Ty, a young boy I’d taken in after his parents, who I’d been close to since high school, died. I felt sorry for the little girl who ran around, dirty and mussed, and her mom wasn’t half-bad to look at. She had men coming and going, and it worried me for the little girl who wasn’t so little anymore.

Her ass wiggles as she moves back and forth through the kitchen.

I’d always stop by to check on Gracie to make sure she was okay. She’d often sneak down to our trailer when her mom would entertain men. Then one day, Gracie’s mom came knocking on our door, asking us to watch her for a few hours. She never returned, just skipped town, probably just happy there was someone else to take care of Gracie. Ty and I have been doing that for the past five years. She looks at us like we’re her stepfather and stepbrother, even calls us that, even though we’re not really. We fell into line like a little family, but the older she got, the more things started to change. I didn’t see her as the dirty little girl anymore. Oh, I wanted to make her dirty, but in a whole different kind of way.

As if finally noticing me, she turns her head, looking over her shoulder.

“It’s almost done. I made your favorite.” She places a plate on the table before making her way over towards me. Her waist-length, snow-white hair bounces around her with each step, her tits doing the same. She’s old enough and got big enough titties that she should be wearing a bra, but she’s not. Standing on her tiptoes, she gives me a kiss on the cheek. I clench my fist to stop myself from grabbing a hold of her and pulling her into me. Filling my hands with her lush ass while I find out if she has panties on under my shirt.

I should tell her to stop dressing like this. That she’s putting me on edge. That I’m going to take the very thing she seems to be taunting me with. I’m not the only one who seems to be noticing her lately, either. Ty’s eyes follow her just like mine do.

“Is Ty going to be here soon?” she asks, making another plate.

“He stayed late to pull some overtime. He’ll be home in a little bit.” At my words she finishes making the plate, then puts it in the microwave. It’s something she always does when either one of us gets home late from the factory. We both know that no matter what when we walk in the door, she’ll have warm food on the table for us.

If you ask me, her staying after she graduated from high school is going to seal her fate. You can’t walk around half-naked in front of two men and think they aren’t going to want a taste. We live in a small town. Most of the population works at the local plastics factory. It’s not like you can go down the road to a local bar and get some easy pussy—unless you want to fuck the same thing everyone else is fucking over and over. Why would I want that when I have a sweet young pussy at home?

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