A Love So Sweet

By: Addison Cole

He reached up and caught Savannah as she jumped down from the roof of the limo. He spun her around and, as he lowered her to the ground, his eyes landed on a woman standing on top of a car. Her dark hair was pulled back in a ponytail, her red-framed glasses perched on her perky nose. She looked fierce and beautiful, and Treat’s breath caught in his throat. Max.

“OKAY, THE SHOW is over.” Max’s voice boomed from the loudspeakers. “Let’s give Mr. Dean some space to continue driving through. He’ll be signing autographs and answering questions after his appearance.” She scanned the area, her gaze landing on a man towering above the crowd with a gorgeous woman in his arms. He spun the woman to the side and his face came into view.

Max froze.


Her pulse soared, and the butterflies in her stomach she thought she’d annihilated weeks ago swarmed to life with a vengeance. She had worked with Treat’s assistant, Scarlet, for months coordinating logistics for Chaz’s double wedding, which had taken place at Treat’s Nassau resort. The other groom in the wedding was Treat’s cousin, Blake Carter. She’d dealt with Treat so many times over the phone that he’d become the object of her late-night fantasies. But even her fantasies hadn’t prepared her for meeting the impossibly tall, darkly handsome god that was Treat Braden, with his seductive voice and the way every inch of him screamed of adrenaline-pumping, heart-fluttering masculinity. She’d thought herself unflappable, but Treat had proved her wrong.

Her stomach clenched just thinking about the magical evening they’d spent in each other’s arms. She could still feel his warm, sensuous lips on hers and see him gazing at her as though she were the only woman on earth. He hadn’t even pushed when, after hours of dancing and walking on the beach, kissing like they’d been lovers forever, she’d turned down his offer to return to his suite and extend their evening into morning. Seeing him now, she had a hard time reconciling that incredibly romantic, thoughtful man with the arrogant one who had blown her off the next morning. Sure, she’d been in the same clothes she’d worn the night before, and yes, she’d been out for the remainder of that evening with a man named Justin, but Treat’s assumption about what they’d done pissed her off. And the look he’d given her was too reminiscent of the painful relationship she’d escaped years earlier to chase him down and explain. She had every right to do whatever she wanted to do with whomever she wanted, without judgment. Even if she hadn’t done anything at all.

She shouldn’t care what he thought.

But she did, and that hurt because that awful look he’d given her was in such stark contrast to the impeccable manners he’d otherwise exuded, holding doors, thinking of the needs of her and his other guests before himself, taking extra steps to ensure that every little detail of his cousin’s wedding had been taken care of. The truth was, she’d fallen hard for Treat within a few hours of being with him. But Max knew she shouldn’t let those feelings sway her resolve. She’d been mistreated, demeaned, and judged by a previous boyfriend, and she swore she’d never go down that road again—not even for too-sexy-for-his-own-good Treat Braden.

She stumbled backward. One of the security guards reached for her across the roof of the car, and she grabbed his arm, finding her footing.

“Max! You okay?”

The security guard’s voice wrenched her back to the ensuing chaos. She tore her eyes from Treat and whoever the woman was that he was holding as if she meant everything in the world to him and tried to blink away the unexpected sting of hurt slicing through her.

“Clear a path or you’ll be removed from the premises for the rest of the festival.” Even she could hear the difference in her voice, the weakness. Her gaze darted back to Treat, who was staring at her with an incredulous expression. Suddenly painfully aware of her jeans and T-shirt, the ponytail in her hair—and how she must look like a crazy woman standing on top of the car—she clambered down to the ground as the crowd surprisingly obeyed her orders and began to dissipate. Threats of eviction usually worked.

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