A Love So Sweet

By: Addison Cole

She turned off the intercom and fumbled for her keys. Treat was heading her way, but she didn’t want to speak to him, couldn’t speak to him, after the way he’d looked at her.

“Max,” he called.

His smooth, deep voice was enough to make her body ache. She cursed under her breath as she started the car and navigated around the crowd. She glanced in her rearview mirror. Treat stood alone in his dark suit, watching her car, while his beautiful companion looked on with a confused expression on her face. Max’s hands trembled as she grasped the steering wheel tighter and drove away. Damn him for having this effect on her.

Chapter Three

“WHAT THE HECK was that all about?” Savannah asked.

Treat couldn’t believe his eyes. Max. After all this time, he’d thought he had squelched the needs she stirred within him, but seeing the petite brown-haired beauty standing on that car like she could command the world brought all those urges rushing back. He saw right through her ponytailed persona to the sexy woman she tried so hard to ignore. What was Max doing at the festival standing on top of a car? Of course she was there, he realized. She worked for Chaz Crew, the festival’s founder. One phone call would have told him everything he’d ever wanted to know about Max, but he hadn’t made that call. His only goal had been to forget her—and he’d failed. Epically.

Savannah was looking at him like he’d lost his mind, and he wasn’t so sure he hadn’t.

“Nothing,” he finally answered. How could he have been so stupid to have looked at Max so callously that morning at the resort? He’d been a jerk, regardless of how he’d been burned before. He clearly wasn’t over her, and something told him he might never be.

“That was more than nothing, bro.” Savannah flashed a sly smile. “Let me tell Connor I’ll catch up with him later, and we’ll go grab some coffee and chat.”

Treat couldn’t put anything in his stomach if he wanted to. It took every bit of his willpower not to run after Max’s car. He didn’t want to make a scene, and it was obvious that she didn’t want to talk to him, but the rush of emotions consuming him were too strong to ignore. With the hope of forgetting her gone, he accepted what he’d feared all along—he never should have let her go.

TREAT BRADEN. HOLY smokes, Treat Braden. Max drove as fast as she could into the underground garage reserved for the festival’s staff. She slammed her car door shut and paced the concrete floor. What is he doing here? She thought she had become immune to even the sight of him. But the way her heart melted with one look from his piercing dark eyes convinced her she was wrong. Boy, was she wrong.

She needed to get a grip, because Max Armstrong did not lose control. She didn’t melt, or pine, or otherwise fall apart over a man.

Or at least I never have. Until Treat.

A voice came through her earpiece. “Max, I need you by Marquee One.”

Darn it, Chaz. Now? “Be right there,” she said into the headset. There were thousands of people milling about. What were the chances she’d run into Treat again? Pretty low, she decided. She felt a pang of disappointment, and immediately chided herself for it.

She grabbed her planner and hurried out of the parking garage, flipping through her checklists to make sure there were no issues with that theater that she hadn’t yet taken care of. She found Chaz staring up at the large sign.

“Max, come here.” Chaz motioned her over with a flash of his pearly whites. His hair had lightened from the sun during the summer, and he sported a deep copper tan, giving him the look of a twentysomething surfer rather than the thirtysomething millionaire. “Look at that. What do you think?”

She squinted at the sign, having no idea what she was supposed to see. Maybe she just couldn’t focus because her heart had yet to settle down. “What?”

“That there.” He pointed again.

“Chaz, sorry, but you’ve lost me.” She shifted her headset to answer another request. “Yes, no problem, Grace. Sure.”

Chaz pointed to the sign. “I think we can have Joey maneuver something right along that wall, in that divot of the sign, to create another major sponsor location. I looked at both sides and they match. What do you think?”

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