A Cowboy's Heart:Brie's Submission #11

By: Red Phoenix


MrRed continues to inspire, and keeps me focused.

Life should be lived and enjoyed!

To my Master Brad Anderson fans…

You wanted to see more of him after reading about Amy & Troy,

so I added him to the staff of the Submissive Training Center.

You longed to know more about his story,

so I wrote this novel for you.

Much love!


All the peeps at Club Red (a Red Phoenix club for fans by fans),

Thank you for your years of friendship, humor, and support.


A cowboy can’t resist a damsel in distress

Brad Anderson, the bullwhip master, has guarded his heart ever since a certain redhead broke it. After attending the wedding of his best friend, Master Anderson decides to find his own happy ending. However, it seems Fate has different plans when he finds himself protecting a damsel in distress.

Will this cowboy-at-heart ever let down his guard long enough to allow true love to flow in? Find out what happens when love and loyalty meet Fate head on.


Brad Anderson was reluctant to leave Italy. It turned out that catching the garter had actually been a positive for him. He’d failed to understand until then just how alluring the idea of getting hitched was for a woman.

He’d been totally upfront with the ladies, making sure they understood he was headed back to the States as a single man. Brad planned to sample as many as he could in the short time he was there. However, one woman in particular, captured his attention—Julietta.

Julietta was an older woman with a magnetic smile and a free spirit. She’d pretty much claimed him during the reception, allowing the other girls to flirt but keeping his attention with her magical laughter and flirtatious grin.

The women who kept primping themselves while eying the competition couldn’t hold his attention. He liked women who trusted in their natural beauty—like Julietta.

Brad had invited his newly formed harem onto the dance floor, not wanting any to feel left out during the festive celebration. He was a gentleman at heart.

However, he did have an ulterior motive. Watching a woman dance gave him insight into the lady herself.

If she was awkward on the dance floor, you knew you had a woman who wasn’t confident with her body, but might provide some entertainment and pleasure as you guided her to your needs—and hers.

A woman who was obvious in her sexual moves as she danced was letting the world know not only was she confident in her own skin, but she was hungry to devour her partner—or be devoured.

Some women were just pure energy, like the set of brown-eyed twins who had latched on to him. They were playful and fun on the dance floor, so full of vitality they were incapable of slowing down. It reminded him of a certain orange kitten he knew well.

Then there were women like Julietta. They danced with confidence but were subtle in their sexuality as they moved across the floor, elegant and graceful while maintaining an innocent flirtation that called to a man—inviting the chase. In the bedroom, it would translate into a charming power exchange.

Brad was definitely feeling her invitation and a few of the less couth women noticed. One, in particular, felt the need to state her dominance, wrapping her arms around his waist as she gyrated her body against his. While Brad didn’t mind the act itself, it wasn’t appropriate for a wedding. The last thing he needed was a raging boner on the dance floor.

With gentle hands, he pulled the young woman away, twirling her once before letting go of her hand as he turned to face Julietta. He knew with certainty that she would keep it classy.

Brad smiled down at the woman, gratified to see the glint of mutual attraction reflected in her eyes. He gave each girl his attention that evening but kept coming back to the raven-haired beauty.

When the night began winding down, Brad offered his arm to her and asked Julietta to take a stroll in the garden.

“Isn’t it too dark?” she asked in an enticing Italian accent.

“Absolutely not. You see, I know my way around the garden. I surveyed it early this morning. I’m certain I can guide you to the secret spot I found. Enchanting little place.”

“You have me intrigued, signore.”

He grinned. “As do you.”

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