By: Sarah Curtis

Alexis giggled at Steph's impassioned speech. Steph cracked a smile that caused Alexis's giggles to turn into laughter. Steph's laughter soon followed.

Alexis gawked at the crowd waiting to get into the nightclub. Fortunately, they didn't have to wait in that ridiculously long line. Steph's romp with Brad from accounting had produced VIP tickets, enabling them to jump to the front of the line, causing dirty looks from the women and leering from the men, as they walked by.

 Alexis had to admit, Steph did a great job on her hair and make-up. They looked fabulous. The red dress and gold platform heels made Steph look tall and slim but still very curvy. Her blond hair fell in waves down her back, and her make-up screamed, drama.

Alexis loved her new dress. The skirt fell to mid-thigh, was super tight (but stretchy), and hugged her hips and ass. The top was blousy with a low cowl-neck and skin-tight sleeves. Stephanie had tamed her wild curls, so they fell softly down her back with just the front pulled back away from her face and held in place with a red rhinestone clip. Steph gave her smoky eyes with her signature red lips. Red high-heeled sandals that tied at the back of her ankle with a black satin ribbon adorned her feet.

Pulled was a treat for the senses. The music was loud but not so loud that you couldn't hear the person beside you talking. The lighting was muted with certain sections (like the bar, the dance floor, and the VIP sections) spotlighted. Everything in the place was either black, red or gold.

Alexis started giggling. When Steph turned to her with a questioning frown marring her brow, she explained, "We match the decor."

Steph looked around, then laughed, "Wow, we really do."

They made their way to the VIP section and found a booth to sit at. Alexis put her small clutch (that held her phone, lipstick, credit card, and ID) on the table. As soon as they sat, a waiter appeared.

"What can I get you ladies?" The very cute waiter asked, with a smile and a wink.

Steph giggled (giggled!). "I'll have a Cosmo and your phone number."

Alexis rolled her eyes and ordered a white wine. After the waiter walked away she hissed, "He's way to young for you."

"I want to sleep with him, not marry him."

Alexis wished she had the same casual regard about sex that Steph had. If she were more laid back, she could have gone home with Jack.

 Just thinking about him made her stomach flutter. What would it be like to have his lips and hands all over her body? What would the stubble on his cheeks feel like scraping across her skin? How soft would his hair feel, running through her fingers? Alexis squirmed in her seat. Thoughts of Jack were making certain private places tingle.

"You okay over there?" Steph asked, with a lift of her brow.

Alexis's face flushed. "Yes, these seats are a tad uncomfortable. Just trying to find a comfortable position."

"Reverse cowgirl is a pretty comfortable position," she said, letting Alexis know she didn't get anything by her.

"Ha, Ha, very funny. Let's finish these drinks then hit the dance floor."

"Sounds like a plan," Steph said, picking up her glass and downing the contents in two long swallows.

With wide eyes, Alexis followed suit. Only, it took her four swallows to finish her wine.

An hour later, Alexis was done dancing. It was more work keeping the guys from getting too handsy than it was actually dancing. She was hot, thirsty, and in desperate need of some water.

She signaled to Steph that she needed something to drink. Steph nodded and signaled back that she wanted to keep dancing.

She made her way to the bar and stood a few minutes until a small opening appeared. She wedged herself in and waited for the bartender to make his way over to her.

While she waited, the guy standing next to her asked, "Can I buy you a drink?"

"No thanks, I'm only getting water." The bartender stepped in front of her and wiped a white towel over the bar. "Water please," she said. He gave her a nod, reached under the counter, and pulled out a bottled water. "Thank you." She slid the bartender her credit card.

He shook his head. "Water's on the house."

"Thanks again," she smiled, slipping the card back into her bag and uncapping the bottle.

After taking a long drink, she heard the guy next to her say, "Don't I know you? You look familiar. Although I can't imagine I'd ever forget a face like yours."

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