Alpha Bully

By: Sam Crescent

“Well, it was great meeting you.”

Nodding, she waved a hand, walking back to her lounge chair. She grabbed her book, and water, making her way back into her home. It was still too hot, and she opened windows, hoping to cool the house down. The air-con was broken and wouldn’t be fixed until next week. Walking upstairs to her room, she started to draw the curtains closed but stopped when she saw Trey wrestling with his little brother.

Her window was open, and she caught some of their conversation.

“I heard you. My name’s Trey, and I’m so hot. All the girls love me.” His little brother was laughing.

“Shut up.” Trey grabbed his brother around the head, knuckle rubbing his head.

“Get off.” His little brother pushed him off and started moving his hair back into place. “No one messes with my hair.”

Covering her mouth, she tried to contain her chuckle. His brother was adorable.

“Did you like her?”

Trey glanced toward her house, and Scarlett hid behind the curtain hoping he didn’t see her.

“She’s pretty.”

“Oh, Trey fancies a girl. Trey fancies a girl.”

Stepping away from the curtain, Scarlett didn’t want to hear anything more.


Freezing, Scarlett glanced around her room. Over the summer she’d been hearing that word everywhere she went. Late at night she’d woken up after having nightmares of a wolf, intent on hurting her. She’d not even had a break from the word when she went to Italy.


“Please, stop,” she said, whispering. Covering her ears, she tried to bring some focus to her little world. Getting to her feet, she moved toward the curtains and was about to close them. She froze in place when she saw Trey looking up at her home. He lifted a hand waving to her. She waved back, feeling utterly silly.

Closing the curtains, she stepped away, trying to put some distance between her and the new neighbor. It wouldn’t be long until it was the first day of school and she could move on with her life.

Chapter Three

Summer vacation was over, and it was time for school again. Marshall sat beside his father as he drove him into school. It had been a long summer vacation, and there hadn’t been anything vacation-like about it. In fact, it had been fucking awful. He’d spent all summer trying to control his senses. Not once had he seen Jack or any of his other friends. He’d talked with Jack on the phone only to discover his friend was having the same problem. Neither of them had any control over their heightened senses.

They were meeting up for the first time in the parking lot. Jack’s father was also bringing him.

“Tomorrow you can bring your own car. I just want to make sure you’re focused.”

“I’ve been driving all summer, Dad.”

“No, you’ve been driving all summer away from human distractions. I’m driving you today because you’re going to be too distracted to drive an automobile.”

“I’m sure I can handle it.” Marshall ran his fingers through his hair. He was so damn nervous. Both his mother and father had each warned him about his first day back at school. The smell was already getting to him. He scented the need coming off his peers in waves. “Why can I smell them?”

“You’ll smell everything. You’ll also notice that each emotion has a scent as well. Arousal, hate, greed, jealousy, fear, pain, it will all combine together. You’ve got to learn to keep focus and ignore the scents.”

“How did you do it?” Marshall already scented the excitement. They were only a few yards from the school, and already he could hear the squeals of excitement. He wanted sex and needed it. Not once this summer did he get a chance to sink into a nice willing pussy. Being at school would also provide him with girls who were more than happy to have him.

“I thought about your mother. She helped to focus me. When you find your mate, you’ll know what I mean.”

“Dad, there’s no guarantee that I’ll find my mate in high school. We’re not all lucky like you.”

“You’re an alpha, Marshall. You’ve got my blood flowing through your veins. You will have the focus of the pack, the need to be a leader. If you’re a leader, you’ll help Jack if he struggles to deal with it.”

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