Bad Girl Gone Good

By: N. Franko

“Why not?” I shrugged. “It’s my first time using our product. I might as well see what all the fuss is about.” I showed him the profiles of the hot blonds I had been talking to for the last few days.

“They all look the same,” he shrugged and turned back to his computer. “I hope you don’t get catfished.”

“I kind of hope I do. It would really help me figure out what kind of security to put in place.” Just as I said this, Madison finally got back with her answer.

Madison: Okay, fine. Let’s meet tomorrow night.

Chapter 5


I knew that I was in trouble as soon as I hit send on my eLove app. I had no idea why I agreed to the damn date. I mean, yes, I was attracted to this guy—or rather, the picture of this guy—but I should have known better. I was supposed to be catfishing him not trying to get laid. How could I have been so stupid?

“Nolan” and I had been chatting for a few days now and I guess I got carried away by that sexy picture of his. I flirted like I would with any other mark. Why not? I had nothing to lose. That sexy smirk in his photo made me lose my head because I was suddenly very infatuated with him. I even lost interest in being Nicole and hadn’t talked to Bill for days. Nolan was a far cry from the boring baby boomers I usually preyed on. I guess it was just nice talking to a guy my age for once. But, I took it way too far this time. I can’t actually meet this guy.

Nolan: Great. I’ll pick you up?

A loud “oh shit, what did I do?” escaped me without thought.

“Giirrrllll, you aren’t done work yet!” Pat drawled out a disapproving scold from behind the bar. It was three in the morning and we were closing up for the night but a few customers still lingered, finishing their drinks before heading off to whatever seedy place they came from. Pat didn’t like it when we cursed in front of customers.

“Sorry,” I said, putting my phone back into the back pocket of my shorts. “I just realized I made a huge mistake.”

“Didn’t we all? What is it this time?”

“It’s stupid. You know that guy I’ve been talking to who’s posing as Nolan Graham? Well, he wants to meet, and I stupidly said yes.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“What isn’t wrong with that?” I asked. “It’s the oldest play in the online scammer’s book. Initiate the first date so all your excuses for not showing up will seem legit. I just fell for it like the idiot I am.” I let out an angry burst of a sigh as I put glasses away. “And even if this guy is real, I don’t look like this.” I pulled out my phone and showed Pat my eLove profile.

Pat took one look at the photo and looked back at me. “She looks more like you than that Nicole girl you showed me.”

“Well, it is me. I edited a picture of myself.”

He took another look at the photo on my phone. He held the picture beside my face. Studying it carefully, he said, “I think I can do this.”

“Excuse me?”

“I can make you into this Madison girl. Sort of, anyways. I don’t think I can shave off that much from your chin without a bone saw but I’ve got a few makeup tricks that could help.”

“Forget it,” I said, snapping my phone out of his hands. “I’m not actually meeting the guy. He’s not actually Nolan Graham, and he’s not going to show up.”

“If he doesn’t show then cut him loose. If he does, and he turns out to be real? Well, you’re changing your name to Madison and marrying that rich nerd right away, girl. What’s there to lose?”

He made a good point. I looked at myself as Madison once again. She was everything that I wanted to be: pretty, smart and a working artist. She was fearless and in a weird way, I felt more like myself as Madison that I did being me. I would give anything to be the girl I had concocted myself to be.

Screw it. Pat’s right. What have I got to lose? I turned to him and said, “you think you can turn me into Madison by tomorrow night?”

I was freaking out about my date with Nolan. If he didn’t show up, and I ended up looking like a dope? Well, that was actually the best-case scenario. What if he showed up? What if I was going on a date with a real-life tech millionaire?

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