Bedding the Babysitter

By: Sam Crescent

Chapter One

“You want me to babysit this Friday?” Elise Kelley asked. She was twenty-one years old, and had been babysitting for Mr. Ross since she was a teenager, and his wife left him.

Jon Ross was a hot single dad. He worked out a lot, seeing as he owned the local gym. Some women thought he was wealthy, but he wasn’t. The gym made him enough to live comfortably, but also to put money aside for college for both kids. He dated but never brought a woman home.

Elise had heard that he was damn hot in the sack as well. Only from rumors she had heard while working at the mall serving doughnuts. He had quite the reputation.

“If you don’t mind. I’ve got a client coming by the gym, and he only likes to visit when everyone has gone.”

“Sure.” Whatever.

“Huh?” he asked.

“Nothing. You know if you’re going on a hot date, you can tell me. I’m just your babysitter. You don’t owe me any explanation.”

“It’s not a hot date. I’d tell you if I was taking a woman out. Are you available?”

“Yes, I’m available.” She happened to like the twins, George and Alicia. They were good kids, and they liked her as well. They behaved for her and never gave her crap, which was always a good thing.

“Excellent. If you came to the gym, you’d see that I wasn’t joking. I do have personal clients.”

“It’s no problem, Mr. Ross.”

“Please call me Jon.”

“No problem, Jon. You wouldn’t get me in a gym unless it had ice cream at the end of it.”

He chuckled. “I’ll see you Friday evening. Goodbye, Elise.”


She loved it when he said her name. It was always so deep, and it made her panties wet to hear him.

He had already hung up, so she put her phone down, staring at it on the table.

“What’s the matter, honey?” her mother asked, walking into the room.

She was home from college for a couple of weeks, and she was using the time to catch up on her studies.

“Mr. Ross wants me to babysit for him.”

“Ah, I’m not surprised. The twins are not very nice from what I hear.”

“George and Alicia are sweet,” she said, defending the twins she looked after.

“I don’t know. I’ve heard they’re horrible, whining terrors. He went through the caring agency, and no one wanted to work for him. He’s had a hard time of it during school vacations when they’re off. From what I hear, you’re a godsend.”

Elise shrugged. “I’ve never had an issue with them, and I’ve been babysitting them for years.”

“I wonder if they see you as a mom figure?”

She almost spat her coffee out as she stared at her mom. “What?”

“Their mother left them when they were nothing more than babies. You’ve been the only one to take care of them.”

Elise had seen Jon struggling outside of the supermarket. Alicia had been screaming, George had stunk as he had filled his diaper, and Jon had just looked frazzled. Instead of walking past him like so many had done, she’d gone to him, offering help.

At first, he’d declined, but in that moment she saw the stain of George’s full diaper through his romper. She hadn’t even given him a chance to stop her. Picking George up, she had taken him to the toilet with Jon following behind her.

With an efficiency that obviously impressed Jon, she’d cleaned George up, changing his clothes, and settling him down with a pacifier. After she handed the quiet baby to his father, she’d picked Alicia up, and taken the warm bottle that had been kept in a special thermos in the carryall, and she started feeding her.

Within minutes she’d had both babies quiet and happy.

“Do you want a job?” Jon had asked.

It was a fond memory. He’d paid her to babysit after school, on the weekends, and pretty much every chance she got.

She’d put all the money into a savings account ready for college. The only time she didn’t babysit was when she had to attend family vacations.

“They’re good kids. I’ve missed them.”

Jon, George, and Alicia had been there for her high school graduation. It had been sweet to see the family she’d come to love. Of course, she’d been a little embarrassed by her crush on Jon Ross. He was thirty-five years old, and would never look at a woman like her. She was full-figured, enjoyed eating, and hated exercise.

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