Bedding the Babysitter

By: Sam Crescent

“Out in the garden, and I’m watching them from a safe distance so they can’t hear me.”

“That’s probably a good thing. You don’t want to corrupt them.”

“I want you to come over.”

Elise got to her feet, placing the now empty cup in the sink, and leaning against the counter. “I’m going out shopping with my mom. Besides, we can’t do anything with the twins during the day. We were lucky they didn’t wake up last night.”

“When do you think you’ll be done shopping?”

“I don’t know. A couple of hours or until Mom sees a friend she wants to talk to.”

“I’ll get the twins to their grandparents. We can have the night to ourselves. No interruptions.”

“Are you using me for sex?”

“No, are you using me?”

She chuckled. “No.”

“Shame, I was hoping you’d say yes. What do you say?”

Elise bit her lip, enjoying their talk with each other. “I say … I’ll give you a call when I’m done.”

“I’ll make it worth your while.”

“I’m hanging up now.”

“Spoilsport,” Jon said.

“Bye.” She smiled, staring down at her phone.

“Who was that?” her mother asked, making her jump.

“Oh, it’s some guy. You don’t need to worry about him.”

“You can bring any guy home.”

Elise chuckled. She couldn’t help but wonder what her parents would think of her bringing home the guy she used to babysit for. “It’s not like that.”

“Are you embarrassed by us, is that it?”

“What? No! Of course not.” She wasn’t. Her parents were good people. They never judged anyone, and they kept to themselves, believing everyone had a right to be happy, which they did.

Her father was already at work, as he was a doctor.

“Let’s go and have some fun.”

The day with her mother was fun. They went from different stores, trying on clothes, and finding different bags and shoes to wear. Her mother took her to have a manicure along with a pedicure. If that wasn’t enough, Elise had her hair done, and her body waxed.

By the time lunch came, they entered a restaurant, and Elise let out a breath of fresh air. She’d be able to leave her mother to her friends.

“You know what, I promised someone that I’d meet them. We can do lunch another day.”

“Are you sure? You could sit with us.”

“Mom, no offence, but they’re your friends, not mine.”

“Okay. I’m not going to make you enjoy our lunch. I’ll talk to you later.”

“I’ll phone if or when I’m going to return home.”

“Staying out all night?” her mother asked.

“I’m not sure yet.”

“Love you, honey.”

She left her mom alone and made her way back to the car, pulling out her cell phone. Dialing Jon’s number, she waited while she sat behind the wheel.

Tapping the keys on the wheel, she couldn’t believe how excited she was at the prospect of seeing him.

“Hey, beautiful.”

Yes, she loved his compliments as well. “I’m on my way over. Are the twins there?”

“No, they’re at their grandparents’, and I’m waiting for you.”

“Aw, you missing me?”

“My dick is rock hard. Come and take care of me. I can’t wait to lick that pretty pussy of yours.”

He hung up, and Elise didn’t waste any time getting to his house.

She parked up, and made her way toward his door. For the first time ever in her life, she was happy with the fact her mother had taken her out to get all pretty.

Knocking on the door, she bit her lip, nervous about what he’d think.

This was the first time she had ever gone to his place attempting to look pretty. She had gotten some makeup at the spa that her mother took her to, where they’d offered to show her what products to use and how best to use them.

She wasn’t one for makeup, and she didn’t even know why she was trying to use it now.

It’s stupid.

Jon opened the door, and the way he looked at her removed all doubt from her mind.

He took hold of her hand, pulling her into the house, and he closed the door. A second later he had her pressed up against the wall.

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