Bedding the Babysitter

By: Sam Crescent

Elise was the only woman his kids had grown attached to. They were evil little shits to every single sitter he’d gotten for them. It didn’t matter if they were male or female. George and Alicia knew how to drive them away.

What was it about the young woman that was distracting him? When she was younger, he’d always found her cute and adorable. She was young, and he’d found her crush sweet. No line had been crossed, and he’d never even thought about her in that way before.

Then her graduation happened, and it was as if he’d been alerted to the fact she was now a woman. Grabbing his cell phone, he pulled up the picture he had of them both together. She was wearing a black dress that showed her curves off to perfection. Most people believed he should be with some slender piece of ass who liked to run. He loved the fact Elise refused to visit his gym, or to change.

She was so full of life and independence.

That day, he’d gripped her hip, and with her pressed against his side, he’d felt how soft she was.

He’d dated slender women, never seeing the appeal of a fuller woman. But with Elise, he’d wanted to take her home, and show her what else he could be to her, other than the guy she babysat for.

After that photo, he’d taken Alicia and George home before he’d done anything stupid.

Climbing out of the car, Jon headed inside and was slightly shocked by the silence that met him. It had been too long since he’d had a silent house.

Something smelled good, and he wondered what they’d had for dinner. Entering the kitchen, he didn’t see any clue as to what she had cooked. There was also no sign of Elise.

Dropping his keys onto the counter, he entered the sitting room, finding her sprawled on the floor, her legs up in the air. She was listening to something and had her earbuds in her ear.

At first he was a little disappointed that she wasn’t listening out for his kids, and then he saw the old baby monitors she had. They were the expensive ones but were so damn good that he’d not been able to walk away from them. There were two in front of her, one of Alicia, and another of George. She always made sure they were cared for.

Reaching out, he pinched her toe, and Elise screamed, rolling over and kicking out.

He dodged her attacking feet and took a step back.

“It’s me, it’s me,” he said.

She got to her feet, tugging out her earbuds as she did. “Damn, you scared me. I’m so sorry. I was keeping an eye on the twins.” She reached down to grab the baby monitors. “I wasn’t ignoring them. I prefer to listen to music, and I don’t like having the television on. It’s too much of a distraction.”

He held his hand up. “No. I’m fine. I didn’t get killed. I stepped out of the way. I shouldn’t have touched you until you knew I was here.”

Elise started giggling. “I’m really sorry.”

He saw the humor as well, and began to laugh himself.

“God, I could have really hurt you.” She placed the monitors down. “I had no idea when you were going to be coming back tonight. I made spaghetti and meatballs. Twins love it, and they begged.”

“Was there any left for me?” He was ravenous.

“Yes, there is.”

She glided past him, and he followed, detecting a hint of cinnamon coming from her. It was a subtle fragrance that always clung to her. He loved cinnamon.

Elise bent over, pulling out his meal, and he couldn’t help but admire the curves of her ass. The jeans she wore molded to her figure, and it was driving him crazy. He wanted a feel—and a taste. His cock thickened, and he sat down, trying his best to hide the wood that he was sporting.

“How were the kids?” he asked, trying to distract himself.

“They were really good. I didn’t have a problem with them. I don’t see what everyone is moaning about. They’re good kids.”

Jon grunted. “For you, yes. They like you, so they’re good. They want you to keep on coming back.”

Neither of his kids had liked anyone else.

“They’re so sweet.” She put his plate on the counter. “I kept it nice and warm for you.”

He loved her spaghetti and meatballs. Elise had always been grown up for her age. She loved to cook and bake, taking care of people.

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