Bedding the Babysitter

By: Sam Crescent

He slammed two fingers inside her, rubbing her clit with his thumb. “Why not? You’re not a little girl anymore, and I don’t have a woman waiting for me. We’re both free.”

“I’m your babysitter.”

“Then I’m about to fuck my babysitter, and it’s going to be so good.”

Chapter Four

Jon was so hard. She’d never felt a cock that large before, and he was so stiff. The pants he wore were stretched tight over his length. They were the workout kind, and she slid her hand inside to find him wearing some briefs. She knew he wore briefs as she’d seen them many times when doing his laundry.

“That’s it, baby, touch me. See what you do to me.”

He kept fucking her with his fingers and teasing her clit.

Her body was on fire, and she was loving every second of it. His touch was better than she ever imagined.

Sliding her hand into his boxers, she closed her fingers around his impressive length.

“Do you see what you do to me? That is all you, Elise. No one else. Not another woman at the gym, you.”

He removed his hand from her pussy, and she watched as he licked her cream from his fingers.

“You taste so good.”

She gasped when he knelt down in front of her, taking her jeans down. “I’m not perfect. I’m fat.”

“You’re perfect to me. I don’t give a shit what size you are, Elise. You’re happy, and I’m happy, and I’ve not got a problem.”

He stood suddenly, and removed his workout pants, dropping them to the floor, and showing off his impressive size.

Jon didn’t linger. He went back down and helped her remove her jeans. The peach silk was no protection against him, but she didn’t want protection.

Elise wanted to be corrupted, taken, and fucked.

Yeah, she was twenty-one years old now, finding a life for herself with college, and independence, which made this so much better. If she’d been younger, it would have been illegal, and her mother would have known, like mothers always do.

Jon pressed his nose against her pussy, inhaling deep. “I love the scent of your pussy.”

He removed her panties, tearing them from her body. “Open for me.”

She spread her legs and cried out as his tongue slid between her folds. Elise had already had her pussy waxed as she hated the feel of hair between her thighs. There was something sexually freeing in having her pussy exposed and clean.

“You’re full of surprises, Elise. So fucking pretty.” He opened the lips of her sex, and she watched as he slid his tongue along the slit of her pussy, going from her entrance up to her clit. He circled her clit, and then back down he went, plunging his tongue inside her.

“Oh, God.”

Jon didn’t stay kneeling at her feet. He grabbed her hand, leading her into the sitting room, and easing her down on the sofa. Elise didn’t have time to say or do anything as he took over, moving her to how he wanted her. Her ass was on the edge of the sofa, and he opened her thighs, spreading her wide.

Down he went, lifting her legs up so they were resting over his thighs. “Open yourself up, and watch me as I lick this creamy cunt.”

With every dirty word he spoke, he only served to arouse her more. She reached between them and shyly opened her lips.

“Look at that clit. It’s swollen and begging for me. Your pussy hasn’t seen much action has it, baby?”

“No, it hasn’t.”

She must have had sex a handful of times, and none of them had been all that memorable. One guy she was with even broke wind afterward. Yeah, that had been embarrassing.

“You’re so damn tasty. I could eat you out all day long.” He thrust his tongue deep inside her, and she cried out. “You’ve been dreaming about me for some time, haven’t you, Elise?”


“Does it feel good to be getting what you want? I know it is for me.” He teased her with his fingers and tongue, alternating between the two, both of which were driving her crazy. “Are you protected?”


“The pill, do you take the pill?”


“Good. I’m clean, and I want to watch my cum fill this sexy body.”

She bit her lip, keeping in her screams so the twins wouldn’t hear her. This was the last thing she wanted them to see.

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