Billionaires On Holiday

By: Cynthia Dane

An Alpha Billionaire Christmas Romance

Chapter 1


The car maneuvered along curvy, somewhat icy roads. Although the tinted windows were closed off to anything but the shadows of frost covered trees, Monica spent an inordinate amount of time gripping handles and making sure her seatbelt was securely fastened. Every time she looked over at her fiancé Henry, she saw him sans seatbelt and chastised him about car safety – especially in this early December weather.

“I’d rather you not be dead for the holidays,” she grumbled, slapping the end of his seatbelt into his lap. “Let alone for our wedding. I don’t fancy marrying a corpse.”

Sighing, Henry finally relented. “Just think, though. You get all my money.”

“I’d rather have you than your money.”

Henry snorted. “We cremate in my family. You could have my ashes…”

“Can we not have this discussion?” The car, although expertly driven by Henry Warren’s long-time chauffeur, skidded a bit on a long stretch of road. “I’m anxious thinking about it.”

“Sorry, Princess.” Henry put his hand on Monica’s, soothing her frayed nerves. “You know I jest.”

They exchanged wry smiles. Monica took a deep breath and tried to ignore the large car’s near inability to navigate these mountainous roads.

Across from her, another family member rolled her eyes. “Still pissed you’re dragging me along for this,” Eva, Henry’s younger sister, said. “I could be snug in bed right now. Me, some tea, a dirty book or movie…”

“We get it,” Henry said, mouth straight. “You’d rather be home.” Before his sister could protest, he undid his seatbelt again and leaned forward, coming a nose length away from Eva. “But if I didn’t get you out of that house, you would have invited all your grad school group project people over and screamed at each other until the staff complained.”

Eva sniffed. “Don’t know what you’re talking about.” She threw a lot of smack into her big brother’s face, but at the end of the day Henry was the only person who could make her cross her arms with a huff. “Not my fault Cornelia doesn’t know her asshole from a thesis statement…”

Monica tuned them out and instead paid attention to the messages popping up on her phone. They had apparently emerged from a dead zone. The only message of note came from Judith, the woman in charge of Monica’s business for the weekend, the busiest time of the week for work. Wish I didn’t have to be away right now. Yet when her busy fiancé said he scored them a private villa on one of the most beautiful mountains in the country for the whole weekend… well, a woman didn’t say no to that. She and Henry wouldn’t have time for romance on that scale until after the new year. The holidays would be nothing but entertaining his fussy parents and managing Christmas parties on behalf of the whole family. They planned on going to Hawaii in early January, but…

Still, Monica didn’t like being away from work when it was the busiest. Judith was a capable hostess and manager in her boss’s absence, but it would be the last busy weekend of the year and Monica knew how to milk the most money from clients. Her business would need the extra funds to sustain the closure between Christmas and New Year’s so her employees and staff could go home for the holidays. Some would remain behind to tend the Château she owned and have their own Christmas festivities, but, well, Monica was a control freak at times.

She may be in a submissive relationship with her Dom and fiancé Henry, but that didn’t stop her from being a control freak.

“Relax,” Henry said, rubbing Monica’s arm. “This weekend is all about relaxing.” He leaned in and whispered into his fiancée’s ear. “In more ways than one.”

Monica couldn’t suppress a grin. When she caught Eva’s eye from across the car, she politely sat up straight and pursed her lips.

They reached the holiday villa in another twenty minutes. The driver produced the invitation from James Merange, the owner of the villa, to the security guard. Henry had sprung the invitation a week ago, stating that he was taking fiancée and sister on a getaway to ease the tension growing at Warren Manor. The weather was making everyone moody. The holidays stressed Monica out… not to mention the wedding plans. It also didn’t help that Eva was finishing up a semester at grad school and experienced such hormonal mood swings lately that one of her maids quit.

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