Billionaires On Holiday

By: Cynthia Dane

As Ethan Cole and company departed, Gwen stood up from her seat and approached her boyfriend, who smiled like the idiot he was.

“Oh, sounds like everyone had a delightful weekend.” He wrapped his arm around Gwen’s shoulders and kissed her cheek. Nice touch. “I’ve been told that there was much merrymaking. Also, our butler is quitting.”

The butler threatened to quit every few months. Even so, Gwen made a note to increase his Christmas bonus with or without James’s approval. “You’re too much, baby.” She sighed into his embrace, letting him rock her back and forth. “Those poor people all thought they were going to have a quiet weekend.”

“Who the hell wants quiet? That’s boring. Oh, and…” James backed away. “I have it on good authority that the office is a mess.”

“That’s…” Gwen slapped her hand against her own cheek. “James.”

“Come on, Gwenny.” He swept her up in a hearty embrace, his cologne almost too much to bear when they were this close. “I say we make a resolution for next year. You, me, and us taking back every room in this house for ourselves.” He whispered into her ear. “Let’s start with the office. Right now.”

He had to be kidding. And yet Gwen knew that he wasn’t. James never kidded about that.

“Merry Christmas, baby,” he purred, carrying Gwen into the office. “Hope you like your present.”

Gwen had a feeling these antics were more of a present for him, but she would play along with it. She always did.


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