Bride For Order

By: Jenika Snow & Sam Crescent

Living away from society, and barely having the convenience of modern technology meant that Landon was a recluse, a loner. But he’d preferred that his entire life. He had no siblings, and his mother and father had moved away after they’d retired. He was well and truly on his own out here, and it hadn’t bothered him until this past year.

Until he realized he wanted a woman. A family.

He grabbed his water bottle and took a long drink from it, staring at the home he’d built with his bare hands from the ground up. It wasn’t anything extravagant, but it was two stories, and he owned about five acres. Most of it was wooded. It was exactly what he’d always wanted, and he’d worked his ass off to make it his dream.

It was plenty for him, and would soon be filled with a companion. A wife. A woman who would give him children.

And because he was anti-social as fuck, and the whole dating scene wasn’t his thing, this was the best route for him to go.

He made his way onto the front porch and pulled the door open, taking his boots off and walking on the hardwood flooring over to where his computer was set up. If he’d had his way, and money wasn’t an object, he would have ditched the Internet and phone lines. But he had to make a living, and because most of his work required online sales from his woodworking projects, this was a necessary evil.

He was impatient as he brought up the agency’s webpage and immediately started searching the available women. He didn’t want a high maintenance wife. He didn’t want one who wore high heels and required a full face of makeup every day. He wanted a wife that could work hard beside him, reap the bounty of their fields. He wanted a woman who was down to earth.

But all the women he saw looked like ones that he was staying away from. They were not what he wanted.

And just as he was about to turn off the computer he saw her. She had long dark hair, and bright blue eyes that were round, wide, and vulnerable, calling out to the male side of him. She wasn’t wearing a stitch of makeup, and the full body image of her told him she was made for a man … for him. She was curvy and perfection. His cock got hard instantly, and every possessive side of him roared out that she was the one. She was the one Landon would make his.



Anna had heard that with the Internet life seemed to move at a faster pace, but this was crazy. She sipped at her coffee, and told herself that this was a very bad idea. There were men and woman online who hurt people, and here she sat, in a coffee shop, waiting for a prospective husband.


Even as she thought of the hundred million reasons why she shouldn’t be here, there were only two that kept her butt in that seat. Her brother and mother. They needed her a lot more than she needed to worry. Besides, the agency she’d gone through was safe and the men rigorously screened. This could change their lives forever. Whatever this guy had seen in her, she wasn’t going to complain.

For a short time while she was processing her details on the website, she’d thought no one would want to marry her. She’d never considered herself to be overly pretty, or even a real catch to any guy. But the agency had called her the next day, set up a formal interview, got her in for the background check, heath and screening, and now here she was. Waiting. It had all happened so fast. From the time she’d submitted her details until she’d been selected as a prospective wife, it had been on warp speed.

Her family was the most important thing in her life, so doing this was not a hardship.

She finished off her first cup of coffee, and ordered herself a second.

The caffeine helped her, as she’d spent all last night worrying about what would happen, how things would play out.

Blowing out a breath, she wondered what they were supposed to talk about, what they were supposed to do. Would he want to take her to a hotel room, strip her naked, and have at her because he saw her as a piece of property? According to the website, all prospective husbands were investigated and only the best were allowed complete access to the website. She hoped what they meant by that was no serial killers were allowed on their database.

She snorted at that thought.

Good going, Anna. Try to make some money, and this is what happens.

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