Bride For Order

By: Jenika Snow & Sam Crescent

“I didn’t know where it was and so I made sure I got here in plenty of time.”

“You must be hungry. Let me order us both a couple of sandwiches, if you want.”

This was feeling easier, more comfortable. Making small talk, trying to not be rough around the edges was hard as hell, seeing as Landon really didn’t do social settings.

“Yes, sure.”

He got up and headed to the front counter, not waiting for the waitress. Landon glanced over his shoulder and saw Anna watching him. God, she was beautiful. He liked that she couldn’t keep her eyes off of him. It made him feel like a real man. She looked nervous, though, and all he wanted to do was put her at ease.

Once his order was placed he looked at Anna again. She was focused on her coffee cup. He was curious about her though. Why had she decided to put her life on the Internet? To be hand picked as a mail order bride? He wanted to know everything. First, he intended to feed her, to make sure she was content, and most of all to make sure she was comfortable. Landon made his way back over to his prospective bride. Honestly they hadn’t needed to meet. He could have just had her sent to his home, in true mail order bride fashion. But he’d wanted to meet her as much as she probably wanted to meet him.

This was their lives they were dealing with, not some random blind date.

“So, why did you decide to become an applicant for mail order?” he asked, sitting at the table. She didn’t speak for long seconds, maybe nervous about the question. He could assume women signed up for these things for various reasons, maybe some not so savvy, others depressing. “I’d like to know, if you’re comfortable letting me in.” Landon had never been sweet and gentle. It wasn’t in his nature. But where it came to Anna this part of him rose up, one that wanted to ease her into all of this.

She stared at him. “Tell me why you need a mail order bride first.” She smiled softly.

He didn’t see a reason to force her to answer first, and so he gave his. “I want a family.”

“A family?”

“A wife, kids … a family. Mail order brides take away the dating element. I don’t have to go in search. I can find a woman with mutual interests, and maybe hope that something develops as we build a family.”

“Are you talking about love?”

“I can’t expect her to love me right away, but eventually, yes. I hope that will happen. In the meantime I guess I’m leaning more toward companionship. Stuff like that. I prefer my solidarity, my isolation. And because of those factors I haven’t had the desire to find a woman for myself.”

“I believe in love and I had hoped that when I started a family it would be for that.” She ran fingers through her hair. “My mom. She’s sick, and my brother needs help paying her medical bills. Unless I quit college to work more than I am, I can’t afford it. But I’ve worked so hard at school, and I know my mother wouldn’t want me to give it up. I’m only just scraping by now, hence why I need to go this route.”

At least she was honest.

He didn’t know how to respond. She was doing this out of desperation. Before Landon had gone away from society he’d gotten a business degree, tried to do all the things “normal” people did to make a life. It hadn’t been for him. He’d had his own business, an actual woodworking shop that he devoted his life to. But in the end he’d felt trapped, like his life was wasting away.

Being out in the wild, that was what life was about, and he intended to live his life to the fullest.

“School is very important. I’m sure your mother wouldn’t want you to give up your dream.”

She nodded but didn’t say anything in reply.

“I want a wife and a family,” he said again, his voice softer, trying to ease her worries a bit. “We could take time, get to know each other, and see where this goes.” He wanted her. His cock was rock hard at the thought of exploring her, of claiming her as his.

Landon had read every single stipulation, knew how things would play out. This wasn’t a set in stone kind of deal. They could break the marriage off like anyone else if it didn’t work out. But fuck, he sure as hell hoped it worked out.

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