Bride For Order

By: Jenika Snow & Sam Crescent

The problem he had at the moment was Anna. Everywhere he turned she seemed to be there waiting for him. He liked her gaze on him as well. There had been several times that he caught her staring, and he knew with her cheeks high in color that she wanted him.

She kept holding herself back. Just last night, she’d been reading one of her books that she’d brought with her, and she’d been running her bookmark across her lip while watching him.

His cock, like always, had responded. He’d spent many nights in a cold shower trying to deal with his raging arousal.

Blue balls were really becoming a problem.

They’d not known each other long but they were married. She was his wife, and each night he went to sleep wishing she would come to him, wondering if she ached for him just like he did for her.

But he’d promised her he’d give her time and space.

He continued working until the sun went down, and the cold started to seep into his bones. Only then did he head inside.

The scents filling the house made his stomach growl.

“I wondered when you’d come in,” Anna said, standing right inside the kitchen. “I didn’t know if it was okay to come out there with you working.” The apron she wore was covered in flour with some on her cheek. She looked totally domestic, and it only served to make him want her even more.

“You can always visit me, Anna. This is your home.”


“I’d have liked for you to come and visit me. I can show you what I’m doing.”

Her smile caught at his heart. “I’d really like that.”

“I’ll show you tomorrow if you’d like?”

“Yes, I would like that. Come, I’ve been making venison stew, and I hope you like it. I loved this growing up.”

He chuckled as she forced him into the dining room chair. She disappeared and he admired the curves of her rounded ass. His cock already responded. He wanted to bend her over the table and taste her sweet pussy.

Running a hand down his face, he counted to ten in the hope of getting himself under control. He wasn’t some horny teenager but a grown-ass man.

Act like one.

She came back, putting a bowl in front of him that was filled with lovely brown stew and smelled heavenly. Picking up his fork, he waited for her to join him. She came back with her own bowl and a basket of bread rolls.

“You’ve made bread?”     “Yes. It wasn’t so hard and I didn’t have much else to do.”

Taking one of the rolls, he tore it open, and took a deep inhale. It was amazing. It had been so long since he’d had a real home-cooked meal. Dipping the roll into the juice of the stew, he took a bite, and moaned. The spices, the flavors, everything hit the spot. One bite wasn’t enough, and before he knew it, he’d finished it.

Anna took his bowl, and served him up a second dish.

After that he sat back, and rubbed his stomach. “Delicious.”

“Thank you. It’s my mom’s recipe.”

He saw the love in her eyes. “You really do love your mom, don’t you?”

“She means the world to me.” The smile left her lips, and she sighed.

“Sometimes life can be so cruel.” He took her hand and tried to offer her comfort but knew deep down that there was nothing he could do. They sat in silence for a moment, but it was comfortable. “I should shower,” he said.

“Okay. I will do these dishes.”

Landon didn’t linger and made his way up to his room. “Get your shit together, man.” He knew there was a chance that she could leave and demand a divorce. Running fingers through his hair, he removed his smelly, sweat covered clothes and climbed into the cold shower. He kept the water running cold, hoping his cock would go down. The length stayed stiff, the tip leaking pre-cum.

Wrapping his fingers around the length, he began to work his hand from the base up to the tip, then down again. He released a moan as he thought about Anna, getting her naked, spread out for him. He’d want to tie her to his bed so that she couldn’t move and he could explore every single inch of her.

Her heavy tits red from his lips.

Her pussy completely slick and ready to take his cock

He’d take his time, licking her pussy. He wondered if she’d taste as sweet as she looked.

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