Claimed As His (Mail Order Brides, 2)

By: Jenika Snow & Sam Crescent

Lucy’s different.

She made him want to be a better man, and even though it was so fucking cliché, it was in fact the truth.

He cupped her hip, drawing her close to him.

“I don’t make love,” he said. “When you come to my bedroom, Lucy, you’ll be mine. I’ll make you scream in pleasure but you have to know, I will also test your limits.”

Her eyes dilated and rather than looking scared, she looked excited.

“You won’t hurt me?” she asked. Her teeth sank into her lip, which only served to make him want to kiss her.

“No, I won’t hurt you.” Running his hand up her back, he sank his fingers into her hair and held her in place.

Slamming his mouth down on hers, he glided his tongue across her lips, relishing her gasp as he plundered inside.

Her tongue slid against his, and he held her in place with his grip in her hair, purely focused on the woman in his arms. The dress she wore had slits on either side, and he couldn’t resist teasing the skin of her thighs. No one would be able to see them for miles and with the stars shining down on them, he had to touch her, to feel her melt against him.

She held onto his shoulders and his cock throbbed within his pants. Cupping her between her thighs, he felt the damn material of her panties, but it was in the way. With one tug, he removed them from her body, placing them in his pocket.

“I liked them,” she said, breaking from the kiss.

“I can buy you more.”

“You don’t have to keep buying me things.”

“But I enjoy it. I like buying you pretty things.” And he also liked tearing them from her body. The panties were better in his pocket anyway. Sliding his hand between her thighs once more, he cupped her soaking wet pussy. He slipped a finger between her swollen folds, and he couldn’t believe how wet she already was.

Stroking over her clit, he slid down, teasing her entrance.

She’d told him she was still a virgin. No man had ever felt her tight cunt wrapped around their cock.

Damn, he was going to have to take it slow tonight, unless he did something about that pesky little hymen.

Staring at her, he played with her clit, watching the flare of arousal in her eyes. He waited, teasing her, drawing her to the edge of her orgasm and, when she was too far gone, he slid his finger down. Putting his thumb across her clit, he worked her nub back and forth. Then when she was close to orgasm, he slid two fingers deep inside her pussy. She cried out, her hands gripping his shoulders.

He hated seeing the pain in her eyes, and he held her up by pressing her against the balcony and his hard body.

In and out he pressed his fingers, making her take all of him, and not letting her stop. She didn’t tell him to, and he kept on teasing her, feeling her cunt tighten around his fingers as he stroked her clit.

Ian wasn’t going to stop until she came. He’d make love to her tonight.

“It hurts,” she said, whimpering.

Kissing her deeply, he held her tightly. “I want you to come for me. I know it hurts, baby. You’re mine now, and with your virginity gone, tonight it won’t hurt as badly when I slide my dick inside you.”

He wanted to feel every single part of her pussy as he fucked her, taking her to a pleasure that had both of them craving more.

Slowly, he saw the pain in her eyes subside as she began to thrust against him, her hips meeting the thrust of his fingers.

Sliding the strap of her dress and bra down her arm, he exposed her large tit. He’d been wanting to see her naked since the first moment he laid eyes on her, and tonight he was going to get his wish. He was going to bask in every single part of her, and he couldn’t wait.

Pre-cum leaked out of his cock, and the hardness of his dick stretched against the front of his pants. His pleasure could wait.

All he wanted, all he cared about right now was Lucy.

Leaning forward, he flicked his tongue across her nipple, and she cried out his name. Sucking the entire bud into his mouth, he felt the answering pull in her pussy. Her orgasm was building once again, and this time he had no intention of stopping or causing her pain.

He craved her release.

Flicking his tongue back and forth over her tit, he did the same with his thumb across her clit. The dual sensation worked as she screamed his name at the same time her cunt tightened around his fingers like a fucking fist.

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