Claimed As His (Mail Order Brides, 2)

By: Jenika Snow & Sam Crescent

Lucy stood there, her hands braced behind her on the granite countertop. God, this man set her on fire and he really didn’t have to do anything at all. He made her question her very sanity. And he was her husband, for better or worse. It was as if she’d been dropped into an alternate reality, one surrounded with money and social status.

The very thought of how this would play out scared the hell out of her.


Ian sipped at his iced fruit drink and watched his wife as she did laps at the pool. They had settled for Spain as their place to retreat to for their honeymoon. At first he’d wanted to at least stop at his parents’ to get his revenge but instead, he’d decided it was better to help Lucy feel comfortable with him. The last thing he wanted to do was drive her away.

She wasn’t under any obligation to be with him.

If she decided to, she could demand a divorce and he’d be obliged to give it to her. When it came to Lucy, he found it impossible to hurt her.

With most women, it was easy. After he got what he wanted they were pushed aside and he found a different toy. One that was prettier than the last.

Lucy stopped at the edge of the pool, her arms resting on the edge with her chin on top. She looked deep in thought and not for the first time he wondered what she was thinking. Most nights he went to bed long after her. Right now they didn’t share the same bed but he found himself sneaking into her room. Yes, it was super creepy, but he liked to watch her sleep without her knowing.

She looked so peaceful, beautiful.

The ache he had for her kept on building inside him. Most nights he spent a lot of time in the bathroom dealing with his very aroused problem. All the dirty things he wanted to do to her kept him up at night. When they were near, the scent of her drove him crazy, and all he wanted to do was bend her over the nearest surface and feel how good she was around his dick.

Her cunt would look so pretty on his length, sliding up and down.

Finishing off his fruity drink, he knew he couldn’t last much longer. He’d be hitting the stiff drinks all too soon.

He made his way to the pool, where Lucy was sunning herself. She didn’t look up as he crouched beside her. The one-piece bathing suit she wore was sexy as fuck. Her tits pressed together, showing off a very generous view of cleavage.

“Enjoying the water?” he asked.

“It’s really good.” She bit her lip. “Care to join me? I mean, it’s way too hot and I don’t even know how you can stand this in your suit. You wear them all day long.”

He was used to the torture of wearing a suit. His parents had drilled into him that he had to look his best and it was the only thing that he continued to do. Mainly because his company set a standard and he was part of that.

“You want to get me naked?” he asked, brow raised.

Her cheeks heated to a beautiful shade of red.

“I … It wasn’t meant like that.”

He chuckled. “I know.” He stood up and began to remove his shirt. She moved away from the edge of the pool and he saw as he got naked it was clear she was getting more nervous.

“Are you enjoying your honeymoon?” Minus the hot as fuck sex we should be having.

“Yes. It’s lovely.”

Her gaze drifted away from him and he saw the sadness in her eyes.

Removing the last of his clothing, he jumped into the pool and swam over to her. “What’s wrong?” he asked.


He reached out, grabbing her hip and pulling her close. She pressed her hands against his chest but didn’t push him away.

Ian loved how soft she felt against him. He could hold her all day long.

“Talk to me. I am your husband, after all.”

“We’re not really together like that though.”

He frowned. “You wear my ring on your finger and you carry my name.”

“I know but we’re … This is not a real marriage, is it? I mean, we’re not in love and we’re not a real couple. It’s not even a real marriage.”

He didn’t like that. “This is a real marriage, Lucy.” He ran his hand down her waist to cup her ass, drawing her closer so that her stomach pressed against his dick. “If you mean about us having sex, we can completely change that right now, and we can have this marriage consummated. I didn’t think you’d be ready for what I want to do with you.” He squeezed her ass, trying to control his lust for her. “I want to be balls deep inside your tight cunt right now, Lucy. Tell me to stop, otherwise I’m going to take you right now in the pool.”

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