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By: Lexi Blake

A Masters and Mercenaries Novel

Dear Reader,

I think one of the nicest things Lexi Blake has ever said to me was, “I think you could be Charlotte Taggart. Your cardigans are just a prop.” Since this happened after I’d chased Lexi around a book signing wearing a clown outfit (I was in the wig, not Lexi), I had to take this as genuine and incredibly kind. Charlotte, like the heroines in the Masters and Mercenaries series, is tough, authentic, and smart. I mean, who else would use a nail gun against terrorists and win? Plus, and this is a huge-assed plus in a world of plusses, Charlotte has Ian. I mean Ian Taggart! He’s one of those sexy, snarky, brilliant characters who becomes the glue in a series and the guy you can’t ever forget—nor would you want to.

As it turns out, I’m not the only reader obsessed with this series. Or the only author. Lexi has created a crossover opportunity for several awesome authors (you’re probably already fans of them and I know I am), and how fun is that? Crossing these mercenaries into the Demonica Underworld is just fascinating and creates an amazing escape from reality for a while. All of the crossover authors have such terrific worlds set up to combine. Adding two worlds together and letting authors go wild with their imaginations is terrific fun for us. I’m sure it’ll be a wonderful adventure for readers as well.

I’m excited to read all of the crossover books, and I know that you will enjoy your adventures in those worlds as well.

Happy Reading!

Rebecca Zanetti

Acknowledgments from the Author

This is a project I’ve had in my head for years. You see I started out in comic books and fantasy and science fiction. At heart I’m a true geek, and one of the things a geek loves is when worlds collide. They do it in comics all the time. Batman vs. Superman. The Avengers is the perfect crossover.

There are several ways to do this in the book world. I could have written in another author’s world, but I wanted something more interactive. Something we as romance authors haven’t done before. I wanted to get five or six of the best in the business together, form a plan, and roll out the characters before the audience even knew what we were doing. This was a crazy idea that would play out over the course of a year and a half and required a lot of work and a huge leap of faith.

I still have trouble believing these amazing authors said yes to me. Carly Phillips is a legend. Corinne Michaels is the brilliant new star. Susan Stoker can’t write a book that doesn’t succeed wildly. J. Kenner has the kind of career we all aspire to. And Larissa Ione writes the best paranormal around. I don’t know why you said yes to me, ladies, but I’m so glad you did.

There was only one publishing house for this project and that was Evil Eye. I can’t thank Liz Berry and MJ Rose enough for building a house where artists can bring their big ideas and know we’re safe in your hands. Thanks to the entire crew at Evil Eye—Kim, Fedora, Kasi, Jessica, Asha, and Dylan. (I gave birth to the last one. Proud of you, baby boy!)

But this one is for the fans. I hope you enjoy this crazy crossover and maybe find some new writers to love!


The light in his face blocked out the view of the man interrogating him. Remy blinked in the glare and sighed. He should have known this wouldn’t go the way he’d hoped it would. He’d come back to Dallas as a courtesy and now he had to worry that maybe he wouldn’t make it out of this office again.

He should have filed his report and run the other way, but the truth was this had been his team and it was in ruins now. Well, what some would call ruins. They had been a fully cohesive unit and then the last few weeks had played out the way they had and their ranks had been decimated.

One by one they’d fallen…

The team he’d known so well these last few years was gone and it wouldn’t be the same again.

“I want to know what happened,” a deep voice said.

Remy sat back. He wasn’t about to let that bastard know for a second that he was mildly intimidated. Besides, after everything that had happened in the past few weeks, the asshole probably had a right to take a chunk out of his hide. “It’s all in my report.”

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