Dirty Aristocrat

By: Georgia Le Carre

The hot little cocksucker got on all fours and fucking crawled towards me. When she reached me she rose to her knees, unzipped my jeans, and with her mouth stretched wide around my cock she began to swallow it like she was starving.

Tawny Maxwell

Barrington Manor, Bedfordshire

It must have been hours before I finally raised my head from his body and looked around me. The fire had become embers, and there was no warmth left in him. A light pinkish-brown mucous was coming from his nose. I scrunched a bit of tissue and gently inserted it into his nostrils.

‘You’re free now,’ I whispered.

There was no answer.

Time to go find the good doctor. Time to start the whole merry-go-round. I straightened my back and walked down the great staircase with its blue runner carpet. On the walls were priceless paintings. I found the doctor sitting in the Yellow Room reading a book. It was a grand room with several sets of superb hand-painted Oriental wallpaper depicting stunning artwork of idyllic scenes from everyday life in ancient China.

‘He’s gone,’ I said, and it surprised me how perfectly calm my voice was. Inside I felt as brittle as glass.

Dr. Jensen’s eyes flashed dislike. He had always distrusted me. His absolute loyalty to Robert meant I would always be the enemy. He would never allow me to administer any medicine. Always it was him or the nurse who did it. Everything was kept in a locked cupboard. As if they were afraid I would hurry him to his death. They had no idea.

If only they knew my secret. But they will never know. I will never tell.

Wordlessly, he ground his cigar into the side of the ashtray and, snapping up his little black bag, left the room. I hugged myself and thought of him entering the room, checking for signs of life in Robert’s still form. The room felt cold. I looked at the goblet of brandy he had left half-drunk and I wished for a drink, but I needed all my wits about me.

I stood by the window staring out at the darkness until Dr. Jensen’s image appeared on the glass beside me.

‘He’s stone cold,’ he accused.

The cold hostility was like a slap in my face. He would never have spoken to me like that while Robert was alive. I reacted in the only way I knew how. Aggressively. Not the way Robert had taught me, but how my mother had fought all her wars.

‘What do you expect? He is dead,’ I said.

His eyes were narrowed and suspicious. ‘How long ago since he died?’

‘He went ages ago.’

He shook his head disapprovingly. ‘You don’t do yourself any favors.’

I turned around and looked at him challengingly. ‘Would you pity me if I cried?’

‘I wouldn’t waste my pity on you. You got exactly what you wanted. It’s all yours now. Congratulations,’ he sneered.

A bead of cold sweat raced down my spine. I never wanted it. My dream was completely different. It was small and sweet and wonderfully ordinary. ‘It’s not all mine. Robert had three children.’

His smile was cold and his voice stabbed. ‘Come, come, Mrs. Maxwell, let’s not play childish games. I think we both know how this cookie will crumble. You worked bloody hard for it and now you get the lion’s share.’

I took a deep breath. This was just the beginning. Everyone was going to say this and if they did not, they were going to think it. I might as well get used to it. ‘Robert was no one’s fool. He did exactly what he wanted at all times.’

‘I’ll have to put it into my report that you did not come down to report his passing earlier.’

‘Go ahead,’ I challenged. I had nothing to fear. There was nothing anybody could do to me now.

He stared at me. ‘Why didn’t you? I might have been able to do something for him.’

‘What for, Doctor? So he could suffer the bedpan for a few more hours or days? He had enough. He wanted to go.’

‘Careful, Mrs. Maxwell, you’re revealing your true self and it’s not a pretty sight. I suggest a little more subterfuge,’ he said scornfully.

It was at the tip of my tongue to rage at him, but what would be the point? Robert was gone, and I was alone in a poisonous environment.

‘Perhaps it would be better if you left,’ I told him.

We stared at each other. I couldn’t understand why he was suddenly so openly hostile.

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