Divine Charity

By: Heather Rainier

Divine Creek Ranch 18

Charity has adored Justin since he stole her heart twenty-two years ago, and together they’ve built a steadfast love. She’d do anything for him, except ask for her deepest desire, because the risk of hurting him is too great.

The day he claimed Charity’s heart, Justin swore he’d never share her love, but time has given him a new perspective. Despite her attempts to hide it, Justin knows Charity has always loved his cousins, Val and Ransome. Now older and wiser, he wants to give her the same fulfillment her sister Grace enjoys with the men she loves.

Seeing so many ménages in Divine gives Val and Ransome hope, and when fate offers them an opportunity, they seize the chance for a future with Charity. When an innocent victim from their past adventures reaches out to them, they provide safe haven, not knowing that doing so will ultimately place the woman they love in danger.


As always, for my loving husband. I’ve had twenty-four wonderful, inspiring years with him and hope for many, many more.

Also for “T”. The ride home was a short one, I guess, and for reasons I’ll never understand you didn’t think that helmet was necessary. You’ll never have your very own happily-ever-after and the writer in me just couldn’t stand that so I’ve begun one for you. I wasn’t surprised to learn that with your death you managed to save many lives, because I knew a hero lurked inside you, but I’d still rather you’d worn your helmet. The world is a poorer place without you.


A big thank-you to my readers, especially those who take time out of their busy lives to interact with me on Facebook and Twitter and through e-mails. Many of you inspire me daily and I like to give credit where it is due.

Among my online friends, I want to give special thanks to my street team, the Divine Divas, who are too numerous to mention by name. You ladies are tireless with your promotion, generous with your friendship, and so much more than just a street team. And thank you for believing in Charity’s story when many doubted.

Thank you, Tracey, for making me laugh so hard over a childish temper tantrum that I had tears…and inspiration.

Thank you to Juliet for her insights into the teen mindset. I love you and look on with joy as you spread your own writerly wings.

To Stormy, my trusted beta and friend. Thank you for your organizational skills, thoroughness, friendship, inspiration, and those spankings when I need them.

Thank you to Kimberly for serving as medical beta reader for this story and for being my friend and inspiration…and for having my back.

To Harris Channing, thank you for the beautiful cover for Divine Charity.

Thank you to my editors and the wonderful, professional staff at Siren-BookStrand. You’re a joy to work with and I appreciate the totally top-shelf manner in which you handle yourselves.

And as always…my heartfelt gratitude goes to my publisher, Diana. Without your encouragement and support I wouldn’t have this career that brings me more joy than I ever could’ve imagined. I can never thank you enough.


Divine Grace

Grace (Stuart) Warner is co-owner of Harper Embroidery. She’s also invested in and works at Discretion, a ladies’ adults-only boutique located in Morehead.

Jack Warner, Ethan Grant, and Adam Davis are distant cousins and owners of the Divine Creek Ranch. Jack is also a building contractor. Adam is an HVAC and electrical contractor. Ethan co-owns The Dancing Pony nightclub, located in Divine.

They have one daughter, Rose Marie and Grace is expecting a baby boy.

Her Gentle Giant (Part One & Two)

Rachel (Lopez) Wolf was employed at Thorne Home Theater as a bookkeeper. She now does the books for Discretion and is a stay-at-home mom.

Eli Wolf was one of the bouncers at The Dancing Pony and is now licensed as an EMT.

They have one son, Levi.

Heavenly Angel

Teresa (Palacios) Martinez worked at Stigall’s with Grace and is now invested in Discretion and works there part-time when not caring for her children.

Angel and Joaquin Martinez are brothers and horse breeding specialists who handle the breeding operation on the Divine Creek Ranch.

They have two sons, Michael and Eleazar, and a baby daughter, Isabella.

Rosemary’s Double Delight

Rosemary (Piper) Garner splits her time between the family business, Cheaver’s Western Store, and her husbands’ business, Garner Custom Furniture.

Wes and Evan Garner are brothers and self-employed custom furniture craftsmen who have known Rosemary since kindergarten. They have one son, Thomas Daniel.

Spurs and Heels

Juliana (Meyer) Peterson, an admitted perfectionist, was the manager of Stigall’s Department Store and is now a buyer for Discretion Boutique.

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