Dominic (Benedetti Brothers Book 2)

By: Natasha Knight

I realized then I was wrong when I thought the love I’d find would be an ugly and twisted thing. I realized that love itself would bend any ugliness into its own—sometimes strange—sort of beauty.

Because it had been in those darkest moments that love had crept in and tethered us together, tighter than any chains could.

It had been in that darkness that beauty seemed to want to find us most.

I’d always preferred night to day, and I’d never been afraid of the dark. And as Dominic and I stood hand in hand, promising ourselves to each other, I knew this was exactly where I belonged, where we both belonged. We’d come from ugliness. Suffering had put us on the road to our destiny. But Dominic had been wrong about one thing. Even in our world, our love would last forever. He and I, we would make our own happily-ever-after.

The End

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Salvatore: a Dark Mafia Romance (Excerpt)



I signed the contract before me, pressing so hard that the track of my signature left a groove on the sheet of paper. I set the pen down and slid the pages across the table to her.


I could barely meet her gaze as she raised big, innocent, frightened eyes to mine.

She looked at it, at the collected, official documents that would bind her to me. That would make her mine. I wasn’t sure if she was reading or simply staring, trying to make sense of what had just happened. What had been decided for her. For both of us.

She turned reddened eyes to her father. I didn’t miss the questions I saw inside them. The plea. The disbelief.

But DeMarco kept his eyes lowered, his head bent in defeat. He couldn’t look at his daughter, not after what he’d been made to watch.

I understood that, and I hated my own father more for making him do it.

Lucia sucked in a ragged breath. Could everyone hear it or just me? I saw the rapid pulse beating in her neck. Her hand trembled when she picked up the pen. She met my gaze once more. One final plea? I watched her struggle against the tears that threatened to spill on her already stained cheeks.

I didn’t know what I felt upon seeing them. Hell, I didn’t know what I felt about anything at all anymore.


My father’s command made her turn. I watched their gazes collide.

“We don’t have all day.”

To call him domineering was an understatement. He was someone who made grown men tremble.

But she didn’t shy away.

“Sign, Lucia,” her father said quietly.

She didn’t look at anyone after that. Instead, she put pen to paper and signed her name—Lucia Annalisa DeMarco—on the dotted line adjacent to mine. My family’s attorney applied the seal to the sheets as soon as she finished, quickly taking them and leaving the room.

I guess it was all official, then. Decided. Done.

My father stood, gave me his signature look of displeasure, and walked out of the room. Two of his men followed.

“Do you need a minute?” I asked her. Did she want to say good-bye to her father?


She refused to look at him or at me. Instead, she pushed her chair back and stood, the now-wrinkled white skirt falling over her thighs. She fisted her hands at her sides.

“I’m ready.”

I rose and gestured to one of the waiting men. She walked ahead of him as if he walked her to her execution. I glanced at her father, then at the cold examining table with the leather restraints now hanging open, useless, their victim released. The image of what had happened there just moments earlier shamed me.

But it could have been so much worse for her.

It could have gone the way my father wanted. His cruelty knew no bounds.

She had me to thank for saving her from that.

So why did I still feel like a monster? A beast? A pathetic, spineless puppet?

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