Fear the Boss:Deadly Duet, 1

By: Sam Crescent

Their friendship was the only thing Caleb actually cared about. The money just made life easier, and fucking was fun while it lasted. His friendship with Henry was cemented. They were a team.

“I was going to meet Tiffany, but the bitch is too busy pissing me off. She wants something more, so I got to stop by the jewelry store and pick her something up. I may fuck her before I give her the present.”

“Cold, boss. Women like being wined and dined.”

“Don’t have the time. I don’t give a fuck about a good meal. If I wanted that, I’d get takeout at a restaurant. The only thing I need is a good woman to make me happy for a couple of hours.” He threw his smoke on the ground and stubbed it out with his foot. “Stop calling me boss.”

“It’s easier to call you that. I’m used to it now. We both know we’ve only gotten this far because of you. I don’t know shit about numbers or business. I can fight. That’s all I’m good for.”

Caleb didn’t argue with him. Within the hour the cleaning crew arrived. He dealt with the money and stayed until the body was safely out of his warehouse.

Climbing into the car, he waited for Henry to drive away.

“Where we going?”

“Take me to the jewelry store you use.” Caleb rubbed at his temples feeling the need for some sleep. First, he needed to fuck someone. Tiffany he’d fuck and then dump. It would be far easier that way to get what he wanted.

“You go through a lot of women,” Henry said.

“Last I checked you were fucking all the whores that work at the club.” Within his many nightclubs Caleb also supplied a lot of women for the men looking for some action. He didn’t force them, and he made sure they got a good cut of their income. In the beginning he was running the club, doing drugs on the side, and then some women approached him. He couldn’t believe a group of women actually came to him for protection so they could conduct their business.

“Hey, they give me what I need, and I give them what they need.”

Shaking his head, Caleb chuckled. “Can you believe we were just fighters over a decade ago?”

“No, I can’t, but I sure as fuck feel it sometimes. My body knows it has been a punching bag to one too many fuckers,” Henry complained, opening and closing his hand into a fist.

“I know what you mean.”

Caleb had many scars over his body from fighters who’d pulled a knife on him. Even though underground fighting had rules it didn’t stop men from pulling out a knife.

“Still, I’d rather be living this life than working the circuit like a lot of young men. At least we’ve got a choice who we pummel,” Henry said.


Henry pulled up outside of the jewelry store. Climbing out of the car, Caleb headed inside. Glancing behind him, he saw Henry resting on the hood of the car, lighting up another smoke. “Are you coming in?”

“I don’t need pretty shit to get what I want. I’ll wait here.”

Not bothering to argue with the man, Caleb entered the small store. He used the same place all the time to buy his gifts. Most of the time he sent one of the waitresses at the club to get him what he needed and rarely came out to buy shit. Tonight was important. After a quick roll in the sack, he didn’t want to have to be dealing with the bitch again.

Once inside, he saw there were only two women on staff. The brunette was talking to a young couple. From the look of them they were getting engaged.

The blonde he spotted long before the brunette. She was polishing the glass on the display case. Her long blonde hair caressed the top of her ass as it cascaded down her back. She wore the same blue uniform as the other woman, and the skirt ended at her knees. The view of her back showed her to be on the plump side, but Caleb always did have a thing for blondes. Both women were not overly slender, but the blonde was rounder than the brunette. He’d not seen her face yet, but if she repulsed him, he could always put a bag over her head.

Maybe the night wasn’t going to be so bad after all.


Donna Smith tried not to chuckle as the man buying an engagement ring was trying to go for the cheapest option while also appearing to be more loving than anyone else. She’d been working in the jewelry store, Dreams, for the last year. Over that year she’d seen so many couples coming in and arguing over the kind of ring they deserved. The cost of the rings in Dreams was too expensive. She’d never be able to afford an item even though she worked here. The pay was okay, better than a lot of places, but not perfect.

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