His Princess

By: Alexa Riley

He growls against my skin as he grips me with his teeth. He doesn’t bite, but sucks me into his mouth, still holding me in his firm grasp.

“Tell me you’re my princess.”

“I’m yours.” It tumbles right out of my mouth without a thought, as if I’ve said it a thousand times.

He growls again. “I can’t wait,” I hear him say, and his mouth his on me again, except this time it lands right on my core.

My hands fly to the headboard, needing something to hold on to. He devours me as if he’s starved. He lifts me even higher, like he’s trying to get more of me inside his mouth. The sounds he’s making while his tongue slides in and out of me are ferocious. He’s licking my center and then my sweet spot. It’s more than I can take, and I can’t hold my body back.

My whole world explodes around me as I call out for my king. My body shakes, and I try to ground myself, but I can’t. He keeps eating at me, and half my body is still off the bed. Light blinds my view, and it’s the most wonderful sensation I’ve ever experienced.

“Please, have mercy, my king.” It’s all too much. All too new. I’ve never felt anything like this in my life. I know what sex is. I’ve even read some of Tabby’s romance books and talked with other princesses. But from what I’d been told, I didn’t think kings performed this act on a woman.

There were always lots of whispers that sex wasn’t that great. It was something that was our duty, and that was it. Husbands of royal status never gave what they got, but it was okay.

“I’ll give you mercy from my mouth, but I’m not done with you yet.”

I open my eyes, not realizing they’d closed. Roman looms over me, reminding me how big he really is once again. I nod, knowing what’s coming. It’s like they said—a king will always take his pleasure from you. Just lie there and take it. It might hurt a little, but it will be over quickly.

“Take what you like. It’s yours, after all.” I let my eyes fall closed, but nothing happens. I lie there, and after a second I open one eye to look at him. His face in unreadable, so I slowly open the other eye. “Is something wrong?”

“I have no pleasure if you have none.”

I’m confused by his words.

“I-I thought—” His mouth takes mine, and I taste myself on him. Something about it seems naughty and wrong, but I only kiss him back harder, wanting to taste what he’s just done to me to somehow brand it into my memory.

My body jerks when I feel his cock brush against my clit.

“My king,” I gasp against his mouth.

“Know something.” He pulls back and looks down at me. “I’ll never only take pleasure from you. You will always cum more than I do. I love watching this porcelain skin you have turn pink under me, and I like knowing I can make you feel this way.” He leans down close so he’s a whisper away from me. “You saved this part of yourself for me and me alone. I will worship and cherish it just like I will every other part of you. That’s my duty to you as your king.”

His mouth comes back down on mine. His tongue pushes past my lips, and I find myself wrapping my arms around his neck. I slide my fingers into his hair as he drags himself across me. His cock hits me in the perfect spot, and I moan around our kiss.

“It’s happening again,” I say, pulling away from his mouth, and our eyes lock.

“Get used to it.” He leans back on his knees and pulls me partly into his lap. The movement makes me squeak and wiggle a little. “Be still, princess. I’m going to give you what you and I both need.”

I look down and see his thickness, and my core clenches. He’s larger than anything I’ve imagined. But it’s not like I have any experience with a naked man. The shaft is long, with veins running down the hard length. The head of it is wide, and I see a white pearl on the end. I watch as he takes it in his hand and then moves it to my opening. I feel the tip of him enter me, but he doesn’t push in any farther.

His other hand comes to my sweet spot, and he begins to stroke me. The pleasure builds, and I spread my legs as wide as they can go, wanting that feeling again. His eyes never leave mine as he watches me get closer to the edge.

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