His Princess

By: Alexa Riley

“Hey, she isn’t my servant,” I tell him, finding my voice. Well, some of it.

“I help Alena with stuff all the time.” I frown as Tabby throws in that random comment.

“Then help her remove the layer of what’s painted on her face as well.”

I take a step back from him. He’s a bossy jerk. A handsome bossy jerk, but still.

“Alena. Do as you’re told,” my mother half-whispers, half-scolds.

Roman turns to look at my mother. She looks mad, and I know she’s going to yell at Tabby and me later.

“You don’t give her orders. She will be Queen in one week’s time. She doesn’t take orders.” Roman’s voice is stern and final. He just gave her a command, and it will be followed.

“Except from you, I guess,” I mumble, looking down at the floor and taking another step back.

“All your whispers are too loud. Keep them in your head,” Tabby says from the side of her mouth.


I draw my eyes back to Roman when I hear him say my name. His mouth is pulled to one side, and I almost think he might be smiling.

“Please.” The one word comes from his lips, and it feels like it’s foreign to him.

I grab Tabby’s hand, thankful that I get to have a moment away from him to get myself together. But somehow I don’t think a moment is going to be long enough.



“Are you not a fan of roasted lamb, Your Highness?”

I turn my attention to Alena’s mother and smile politely. “The meal is delicious, thank you. Lamb is one of my favorites.”

I look down at my plate, realizing I haven’t touched any of my food. I’ve been staring at Alena since she walked into the room, and I’ve been unable to think of anything else. She removed some of the make-up on her face, and her delicate skin is so pink. She also took off those utterly ridiculous shoes and replaced them with flats.

Looking down at Alena’s plate, I realize that she hasn’t touched much of her food either.

“Is my princess not hungry?”

Her soft blue eyes meet mine, and she bites her bottom lip. The dent on the juicy flesh from her straight white teeth makes the blood in my veins heat. She’s so tiny and small that I would be heavy on top of her. I could crush her with my size. I’ll need to be gentle with her. So very gentle.

I grip the table to keep from rubbing my lengthening cock under the table. I’m a goddamn king, yet I can’t seem to control myself when I’m only feet from her. I want to slip my hand under the table and across to her. I want to push her silky legs apart and see if there is wetness waiting on me, to see if she’s affected by me at all.

“I must admit I’m nervous,” she says to the hands in her lap. She looks over at her sister and then up to me again.

Unable to take the distance anymore, I stand up and walk around to her side of the table. She stares up at me in shock as the table goes quiet.

“Join me for a walk, my princess,” I say, holding out my hand. It’s not a request, but I wait for her to comply.

She looks around the table, panicked for a moment, and her mother rises as well, as if to force her to get up. Alena takes my hand instantly but looks to her sister.

“I think it might be tradition for my sister to walk with us.” She stares hard at Tabby, who quickly stands and agrees.

“Yes, I believe that’s the custom. So you and the bride-to-be aren’t alone before your wedding night,” Tabby rushes to say.

“Vlad,” I say, and he’s at my side faster than I expected.

“I will escort Princess Tabitha from a short distance,” he agrees.

I take Alena’s hand and slip it into the crook of my arm, leading her out onto the terrace and into the gardens beyond.

“Is there somewhere private we can go?” I ask, taking long strides away from the onlookers behind us.

“There’s a small fountain beyond the line of trees,” Alena offers, and I take it. “But can you please slow down? I think my legs might be a third the size of yours.”

I pause, and she comes to a stop beside me. “I apologize, my princess. I can carry you.” I lean down to make the move, but she holds out both her palms to stop me. I hear a snort behind us and see Tabby cover her mouth. It’s then I remember we won’t be entirely alone. “Yes, forgive me. I will take smaller steps.”

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