His Princess

By: Alexa Riley

I try my best to go slow, but it’s difficult. Once we reach the space beyond the trees, I look back and nod at Vlad. He pauses on the edge, and I see him lead Tabby off to the side. I take Alena over to the fountain and sit on the edge.

“Please, join me, my princess.”

The moon is out, bathing her in a soft glow. I want to run my lips across every exposed inch to see if she has the same softness everywhere. She sits down beside me, and I turn my body to face her.

“I know that this arrangement is a dated tradition. But there are some traditions I believe need to be upheld.”

“I knew this day would come. I just didn’t think it would be so soon.” She stares at her lap the whole time she speaks, so I reach out and touch her chin, making her look at me.

“There is never a time too soon for love, my princess.” I run my thumb on her bottom lip, and I have to bite back a groan. It’s softer than fine silk, and it only further ignites my desires.

But she isn’t pleased with my words and leans away from me. “Excuse me, Your Highness, but I’m not used to lines like that.”

It’s an insult and a jab at my intentions. I don’t like that she pulled away from me, and I lean forward, trying to close the distance.

“It’s not a line. I’m genuine in the way I speak to you.”

She lets out a quick breath as if she’s angry. “That much is clear with the way you say ‘my princess.’”

“You are mine,” I say, standing up and looking down at her. “And you’ll watch your tongue when you’re addressing me.”

She stands up, too, and the quiet mood has shifted to one of defiance. Her face hardly comes up to my chest, and she has to tilt her head back to look at me. But there is so much fire in her eyes now that I want her a thousand times more than I did just three seconds ago. It’s almost an impossibility, but my need is skyrocketing with her anger.

“Maybe you should rethink who you’re picking to address you, then. I’m sure there is a line of princesses who would be happy to kiss your royal ass.”

She covers her mouth with her hands as if she can’t believe she spoke to me that way. And to be honest, neither can I. I don’t remember a time when someone shot off their mouth at me, and fuck if I’m not wanting more of that sass.

I lean down so that my nose is only inches from hers. My smile turns wicked, and she takes a small step back before she hits the edge of the fountain and has no place to go.

“I think I made exactly the right choice.” Her mouth forms an angry line, and I wish I could kiss it into submission. I move my mouth to her throat, so close my breath hits the delicate skin below her ear. “One week, Alena. One week and you’ll be under me.”

I straighten up and take a step back just as Tabitha appears out from the row of trees. Her face is red, and she pushes a strand of hair out of her eyes as she hurries over.

“I think my time is up,” I say, looking back to Alena. Her eyes are wide, and her lips are slightly parted. I can’t help but wonder what her tongue would taste like with the words she wants to spit at me on the edge of it. “Goodnight, my princess.”

As I walk away, I feel Vlad come up behind me. He matches my steps as I walk around to the front of the house.

“You should bring the sister with Alena when she comes to the palace. It’s tradition for her to bring someone,” Vlad says as my mother says her goodbyes to Alena’s mother and we get into the limo.

“It’s done,” I say, wanting to give Alena anything to make her happy.

As we pull away from the curb and I stare out the window, I swear I feel a pair of soft blue eyes watching me.



Tabby practically drags me away from where I’m standing. She doesn’t even give me time to think about what’s happened. The swirl of emotions is still bouncing around my body. By the time we make it back to my bedroom, I have no idea if I’m breathing heavy from practically running here or from the things Roman said to me.

Tabby throws herself on the bed, and it’s then I realize her face is lit up with a smile. I go to the window and pull the drapes back, unable to stop myself from watching Roman pull away. I should be happy his cocky ass is leaving, but something doesn’t feel right about it.

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