His Virgin Bride

By: Sam Crescent

“I could have hurt you.”

“I saw the bat. Let me keep you company. I promise I won’t bug you. I’ll stay on my own side of the bed.” He’d never had to beg a girl to stay in bed before. This entire experience was a little surreal to him.

She let out a groan. “Fine, you can stay in here, but you’re sticking to your side.” As if to emphasis her point, she started piling some pillows down the side of the bed. She pointed at one side, and ordered him there.

“You’re a bossy little miss.”

“You’re invading my space, and I can be exactly what I want to be.” She lowered down onto the bed, and it wasn’t long before the moans and groans filled the room.

“Do they ever stop?” he asked.

“What? Not used to couples being together?” She turned onto her side, staring at him. Kurtis did the same, and he couldn’t help but admire the curve of her breast. Her tits were fucking huge, and without a bra, they swung freely with every step she took.

“I thought couples were supposed to deprive each other of sex?”

“You’ve not got a clue about couples, do you?” she asked.

“Only what I’ve heard.”

“Cynthia and Collette wouldn’t let an argument deprive them of an orgasm. They do love your friends, you know,” she said.

“I know. I didn’t think it would last at first. I thought they’d fuck and move on.”

“What? Like all the other college jerks?” she asked.

“That was a hit at me, wasn’t it?” He smiled at the same time she did.

“I guess it was a little one.” She shrugged. “It’s not my reputation in tatters. You’re the wham, bam, leave them kind.”

“I take what I want, and I give all the women who fuck me a good time.”

“Do you even remember their names?” she asked.

“No. Names are not important.”

Tillie bit her lip, and her gaze landed on his chest. He didn’t for a second believe she was checking him out. She looked deep in thought. He’d seen the look many times on her when he was at the library, and she was there alone. Kurtis hadn’t even thought about the reason why he’d gone to the library. Whenever she was there, he always found himself sitting close, and watching her. He never invaded her space, and kept a careful distance from her.

“To some of the women they’re important.”

It was his time to shrug. “They’re important to them, not to me.”

“A long line of women waiting to tame you.” She chuckled.

Another loud groan echoed throughout the room, and Tillie’s cheeks heated.

“Have you ever thought about what they’re doing?” he asked.

“No. I don’t think about what my friends are doing.”

“Not like that. I mean, are you ever curious? You’ve never had a boyfriend, but has anyone ever kissed you?” he asked.

He wanted to reach over and touch her plump lips.

“I’ve been kissed. I’ve not been on many dates or anything. I was at a party in high school with the others, and we played spin the bottle. A guy ended up kissing me.”

She was smiling, and he wanted to know why, so he asked.

“My brothers came in while the guy was kissing me. They pulled me, Collette, and Cynthia out of the party, called the cops, and threatened every guy with castration if they so much as came near me. It was horrifying and humiliating at the time. Now, I can look back and see how funny it was.”

He cupped her cheek, and ran his thumb across her bottom lip. “Only one person has touched these lips.”

She grabbed his hands, and pushed him away. “Don’t.”

“Don’t what?”

“Make this uncomfortable. We’re thrown together ‘cause of our friends. I don’t want to make it uncomfortable or anything.”

“I’m not trying to.”

“Stop it, Kurtis. I mean it. I’m not interested in you in that way.”

He dropped his hand, and hated the pain that laced through his heart. She didn’t think of him that way, and yet all he could think about was her. He wanted her, and the need was so shocking that he couldn’t think.

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