His Virgin Bride

By: Sam Crescent

“Sure, I’ll tag along.”

What the fuck is happening to you?

He didn’t know the answer to that question.

“You sure?” Steve asked.

“I said I’d tag along.”

“We don’t have other women at our place. You can’t bring anyone here to fuck,” Cynthia said.

“Fine by me. You don’t see a woman on my arm, do you?” he asked. “Besides, I can keep Tillie company while you four go and fuck.”

She shoved his arm, which he’d placed around her while talking to her friend, off her shoulder.

Brandon chose that moment to come close to their table. Kurtis was fuming inside. He wanted to beat the shit out of the little fucker, and then do it all over again, just to make it all the more fun.

“Hey, Tillie.”

Glancing at her friends, Kurtis saw them all smiling.

“What’s up, Brandon?”

“I was wondering if you’d want to dance with me.” Brandon leaned in close, cutting off Kurtis’s visual of Tillie. He was so damned pissed with the cocky fucker.

“Move, asshole,” Kurtis said, shoving his arm.

Brandon moved out of the way, and turned to glare at him.

Tillie stood. “I’m sorry, Brandon. I’m about to leave. Maybe another time.”

“I’ll keep you to that.”

Brandon shot her a smile before leaving the table. Kurtis would have to remind the asshole in private not to mess with Tillie.


“What the fuck is your problem?” Tillie asked, turning to glare at Kurtis. She’d never known him to act like that to anyone.

Having six brothers she’d not been kept in the dark when it came to fighting. Her brothers wanted her to be able to protect herself, and so they’d set about sparring with her. None of them hit her. They just told her where best to take a man down when necessary. Lewis, her oldest brother, had made sure to take care of all of them, including her, when their parents were killed in a hit and run. It was hard, but she could handle herself against a man like Brandon, or Kurtis for that matter.

“Asshole was in my space.”

“Whatever. It wasn’t any of your business to go and push him like that.”

“He was in my space. I don’t like being crowded or locked in by assholes, forgive me.”

She rolled her eyes, finished her soda, and followed her friends out toward the cab that Collette had already called ahead. She saw a second cab for the boys, and without looking toward them, she climbed in the back. Cynthia sat in the front seat, while Collette was in the back with her.

“Oh my God, did you see the way Kurtis was looking at you? I saw him while you were on the dance-floor, and he wasn’t having any innocent thoughts if you know what I mean. He was thinking about fucking you,” Cynthia said, turning toward her.

“You’ve got it all wrong.”

“No, she hasn’t,” Collette said. “Look at what just happened at the table. He was jealous of Brandon. I bet he wanted to beat him up.”

“This is not going to happen, okay? Kurtis is just being an asshole.”

“When have you ever known him to dance with you? When have you ever known him to get pissed over a guy coming to ask you to dance?” The two questions came from Collette.

“First, I’ve never had a guy come to the table and ask me out before. Second, he forced me to dance. I didn’t have any part in that.” Tillie stared at one friend to the other.

“Okay, what about the fact he’s coming home with us to keep you company?” Collette asked.

“It’s pure coincidence. Nothing is going on between Kurtis and me. Besides, he’s probably only interested because of you shooting off your big mouth. I’m sure the whole of the bar heard it.”

“I’m really sorry.”

Tillie smiled. She couldn’t be mad at her friends for long. They were her life, and if it wasn’t for them all of her brothers would have made her to go to a college closer to home. She’d wanted to get out, and away from it all. Tillie loved her brothers, but they were a little controlling, always there and interrogating her dates.

“Don’t worry about it. There’s nothing we can do now. They know, and I’ll just deal with whatever crap Kurtis decides to throw at me.” She tried to comfort her friends, even though it was her in the line of fire.

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