His Virgin Bride

By: Sam Crescent

“Is it always like this?” he asked.

“Them having sex? Yeah. I listen to music and it drowns them out, or I just turn up the television. Are you heading out?” she asked, walking back into the sitting room.

“I’ve drank a little too much. You got a problem with me crashing here?”

“Nah, go ahead.” She grabbed a spare blanket, handing it to him. “You can take whichever couch you like. I’ll see you in the morning.” She gave him a smile, and left him alone.

Closing her bedroom door, she leaned against it, and pressed a hand to her hammering heart. Her pussy was slick, and she was aroused. She didn’t understand it. Her friends had been fucking their boyfriends for the last three years, but not once in all of those times had Kurtis been around to listen. He had seemed to stand a little too close, invading her space. The sounds had affected her in ways that she was completely unsure about.

Turning off her lamp, she lay back, and stared at the ceiling.

“Oh, Danny, oh, Danny. Harder, harder, I need it, I need it.”

“Fuck, Collette, that’s so good.”

“Steve, baby, fuck me, fuck me.”

“You’re mine, Cynthia.”

Grabbing her music, she popped in her buds and turned the volume up until she couldn’t hear another sound of sex.

Closing her eyes, she relaxed, and fell to sleep.

Chapter Three

For an hour Kurtis had been listening to his friends have a good time. They didn’t stop, and their girlfriends just kept begging for more. It was like sitting in a porno, only he couldn’t fucking watch. The torture was unbearable. He was starting to see the value of having a girlfriend. The women he fucked, he took them once, and left. He didn’t stick around to go for a round two or round three. Women tended to get fucking ideas, and he wasn’t interested in giving them an inkling that they meant more.

How the fuck was Tillie sleeping with this? He was pissed at his friends for making her listen. There was no way he could sleep like this.

Getting to his feet, he walked toward Tillie’s room. He raised his hand, and lightly knocked on her door.


If he couldn’t sleep, she couldn’t. When she didn’t answer, he knocked again, only she didn’t answer. Turning the handle, he entered her bedroom, and closed the door behind him. She still hadn’t responded. He walked toward her bed, and tapped her on the arm.

Tillie woke with a start, and before he knew what was happening she sucker punched him in the stomach, winding him. Within seconds Tillie had a bat raised behind her head, and he wondered where the fuck she’d gotten it from.

“Fuck, Tillie, it’s me, it’s Kurtis.” He held his hands up in surrender trying his hardest for her to see reason.

“Kurtis?” She frowned, reaching over the bed to turn the light on. “What the fuck are you doing?” she asked.

Her bedroom door slammed open, and his two friends, along with hers walked in. Kurtis was surprised they’d stop fucking long enough to see what the commotion was.

“What’s going on?” Danny asked.

“Nothing,” Tillie said, lowering the bat. “Just a misunderstanding.”

They looked at Kurtis, and he gave them a wave.

Tillie climbed off the bed, and the small shorts actually rode up her ass, giving him a view of her plump flesh. Fuck, his dick went hard, and he turned so that no one saw he was filling his boxer briefs. Tillie herded them out of her room, and slammed the door closed. She turned to face him, and she wasn’t wearing any glasses. She looked damn cute without them as well.

“What the hell are you doing in my room?”

“It was loud out there, and I figured if I wasn’t sleeping, you weren’t either.”

She stormed toward her bed. “This is not the first time they’ve screwed. I’ve got music to listen to.” She held up her player, and Kurtis gritted his teeth.

“Sorry. It’s fucking loud out there, and I was just going to keep you company. I can’t believe you sucker punched me.”

“My brothers taught me.” She folded her arms, and stared at him.

He noticed she didn’t check him out, which pissed him off. Kurtis wanted her eyes on him in all the ways that mattered. “I get that.”

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