Hot Single Dad

By: Claire Kingsley

But my dick is not interested in the facts. I have to adjust myself when the girls aren’t looking.

She points out her bags when they come around the carousel. They’re both large, but that makes sense. I was thinking this arrangement would be temporary, but what I actually agreed to when I talked to her parents didn’t have a specific end date. The fact that she’s drop-dead gorgeous shouldn’t be making me rethink my send her back after a few weeks plan. But holy hell.

We head toward the parking garage, Linnea pulling one of her rolling suitcases while I pull the other. Charlotte walks along beside her, holding her hand. I try to force myself to keep my eyes off her ass, but it’s almost impossible. The way it moves in that skirt. She looks back at me over her shoulder and flashes that sweet-as-sugar smile again. I smile back, but swallow hard when she turns around.

I’m in big, big trouble.



Is there such a thing as an insta-crush? A moment when you see someone for the first time—or maybe the first time in a while—and you’re instantly so attracted to them, your tummy is filled with butterflies and you imagine little hearts and stars sparkling around their head? Because that just happened to me.

Caleb smiles at me when he gets in the driver’s seat of his car and it sets those butterflies to fluttering all over again. How did I not remember how gorgeous he is? Maybe I didn’t notice before. The last time I saw him, we were all still in shock over my sister’s death. And before that, he seemed so much older than me, the way Melanie always did. I hardly paid attention to her husband. Back then, I would have been too scared to talk to him anyway, especially if I thought he was cute.

But now I’m sitting in a car with a man who has deep brown eyes, tousled dark hair, and a stubbly jaw that is one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen in person. And I’m moving in with him.

Of course, it’s to be his daughter’s nanny. But still.

I take a deep breath and adjust the handbag I’m carrying in my lap. It was a long flight from Michigan, but my tiredness was driven away by the jolt of adrenaline that hit me when I saw Caleb. I didn’t see him at first. I noticed Charlotte when I got off the escalator, and she came running toward me. It wasn’t until I looked up that I saw him standing there. And I’ve been a jittery bundle of nerves ever since.

I was furious with my mother when she told me she’d talked to Caleb about sending me to Seattle to be Charlotte’s nanny. It’s not that I mind the idea of being a nanny to my niece—I’m thrilled about that part, actually. Charlotte is the sweetest little thing, and it’s been sad to only see her on Skype calls. I love that I’ll be able to spend so much time with her—really get to know her.

But my parents didn’t ask me if I was interested. They didn’t even tell me until after they’d already brought it up with Caleb and bought the plane ticket. My mother walked into my room, told me to pack my things, and said I had a flight to Seattle in two days.


I did not want to move back in with my parents after graduation, but I didn’t have much choice. I worked hard for my music degree, but being a classical pianist isn’t exactly the fast track to self-sufficiency. I’ve been teaching piano lessons since high school, and that’s a good supplement. But if I want to make a living playing piano, I’m going to need to land a spot with a large symphony.

Which is the plan. I was living with my parents so I had time to practice for auditions. That shouldn’t be a problem now. Charlotte is in school, so I’ll still have practice time during the day. And I’m going to need it. Pianist positions are few and far between, and there’s always a lot of competition.

The hard part is, as much as I love music—it’s my life—performing is difficult for me. I love music for its own sake, and I love to play. But I get so anxious when the pressure is on. I’m terrified before a performance, and I’m left exhausted when it’s over.

But, as my parents are fond of reminding me, if I’m going to pursue music, I have to give it my all. Go as far as I can. Be the best I can be. They expect me to take advantage of my natural talent with a lot of hard work.

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