Hot Single Dad

By: Claire Kingsley

I have to give a special thanks to my friend Nikki for her suggestion that Ken Lawson meet someone and have his own happily ever after. I can’t take any credit for that idea, and it was perfect, wasn’t it? The only thing I love more than a romantic happily ever after is a romantic double happily ever after. I was really glad I could write that in for Ken. He certainly deserved it, and I love the idea of him living out his own happy ending with Jacqueline.

And I know it’s Caleb’s book, but I can’t end without talking about Weston. First of all, the beach scene in chapter seven. I know it seems like everyone is kind of ganging up on Caleb, but honestly, I put Mia and Weston in a scene together and hilarity ensues. From Mia calling Caleb a DILF, to Weston saying Caleb has a dad bod, to Mia and Weston’s game of “real or not real”… I just can’t even with these people. Seriously, that scene wrote itself.

I also had a TON of fun turning Weston into Kendra’s sperm bank. It was a little bit of karma for the guy who man-whored his way through life for so long to suddenly feel like his wife is using him for sex. I tend to agree with Caleb; there’s no way that isn’t funny.

That was what prompted me to write Weston’s bonus chapter. I knew he and Kendra would have a baby, and the temptation to write Weston as a father was too strong to resist. How cute is that asshole walking around with his daughter in a baby sling? I loved how he’s oblivious to why the women are all staring at him (um, because a hot guy with a baby is sexy AF, Weston, get a clue). I also wanted to show that, despite the fact that he’s a big softie for his wife and daughter, he’s still Weston. He’s short with the childcare attendant at the gym (“Baby, please.”) and he doesn’t like people touching his daughter (I could almost hear him saying, “Mine,” when the woman in the hospital tried to touch Audrey). It was fun to revisit Weston from his point of view, and give him a little bit of closure when it came to his father.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this book as much as I did, and that Caleb’s story was everything you wanted it to be.


Thank you first and foremost to my readers. You make this job worth doing. I love you so much.

Thank you to everyone who makes writing these stories possible. David, Nikki, and Tammi, for ideas, brainstorming, pep talks, and answers to stupid questions. Thank you to Elayne for cleaning up my words, and to Shayne for another lovely cover. I’m so lucky to have a great bunch of people around me. I couldn’t do what I do without you.

Thank you to my fellow authors for writing beautiful stories and inspiring me to keep writing.

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