By: Alexa Riley

“Daddy’s just going to have to make sure you have something to lick on before I leave you alone in my chambers so you don’t have those cravings while I’m gone. Make sure you get your fill,” he tells me as he undoes his slacks, pulling his cock out and stroking himself. I lick my lips when I see a drop of cum coat the tip. I want him in my mouth, but before I can try, he’s on me, taking what he wants and satisfying his own craving.




Six years later…

“Nora!” I bark as I tear through the bedroom.

I’m naked and my dick is hard as a rock. I was in court all day and she was sending me dirty pictures and teasing me.

I stop abruptly when I hear her giggle and I narrow my eyes at the closet door. It’s late afternoon and the kids are at swim lessons, so we’ve got the house to ourselves.

When I stomp over to the door, I grab the knob and yank it open to find her standing there in what can only be described as a scrap of dental floss. She opens her mouth to speak, but I reach out and snatch her up and throw her over my shoulder before she can say a word.

“Judge!” she shouts when I toss her on the bed and rip away whatever material it is that’s on her.

“It’s in my way,” I grunt as I flip her over so she’s on her knees and I yank her ass to the edge of the bed. “This is what you get for sending me pictures of that tight little pussy while I’m working.”

I lick my fingers before I push them inside her, and I can feel how wet she is. I take them out and suck them clean because I can’t fuck her without the taste of her cunt on my tongue.

“But it was expensive,” she moans as I fill her up with one hard thrust and begin to ride her hard.

I grab her hair with both hands and growl as my cock swells inside her. “I’ll buy you a hundred of them if you let me get you pregnant again.”

When she leans down to stick her ass up in the air higher, I release her hair and grab her hips. She spreads them wider in invitation and she knows exactly what she’s doing.

“You want it, don’t you, kitten?”

She looks back at me over her shoulder and nods.

“Say it,” I growl as my cum leaks in anticipation of the words.

“Get me pregnant, Daddy.”

“Fuck,” I say through clenched teeth as I reach under her and pet her clit. The hard little button is ready to go off. “I bet you were home playing with yourself and thinking about this. Weren’t you?”

She whines as she nods and pushes herself harder against me. She’s tight and about to go off and I’m not far behind. I thrust deep and hold it there because I want to feel her squeeze all of me. When I circle her clit, she grips the sheets and cries out as she cums. I blanket her body with mine and bury my face against her shoulder as I cum on a loud roar. All day I was thinking about being inside her and it’s not over yet.

“Get on your back, kitten. I want those milky tits this time,” I say, and she blushes as she does what I ask.

I don’t know how she can be embarrassed by anything after all these years. I’m still just as desperate for her as I was the first time I saw her, and that’s never going to change.

When I slide back into her sticky warmth I grunt and begin to thrust. I want her at least two more times before we have to go, and I plan on getting in her ass, too. She likes to pretend that’s only for a special occasion, but if I keep her on edge long enough she begs for it.

“Mine,” I say as I kiss her lips then kiss my way down her neck.

“Yours,” she agrees as her legs wrap around me.

We both get what we want and then some as we make love. It might look dirty and rough from the outside, but at the root of us, that’s what this is. From the moment I first saw her to this moment now, I’m blinded by what I feel for her. It’s all-consuming because she’s given me my whole world and there’s nothing about finding her and making her mine that I would change.


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