By: Alexa Riley

“We’re going down to the courthouse. Get dressed,” he grits out.

He’s reluctant to let me go, but he does. I jump away from him and do as he says. I’m digging through my bag, but I feel his eyes burn through the fluffy white cotton of my towel and suddenly I’m slippery between my legs.

If someone saw my clothes they would never think I’m homeless. I’m sure over time they’ll become more worn down, but for now I have a bag of some decent things I packed thinking I’d need work clothes. I slip a dress over my head first, not bothering with a bra or panties.

I take a glance at the man I thought saved me that day when he’d dropped the key and I realize he’s about to throw me to the wolves. I slip on my flats and shoulder by bag and then do the only thing I can.

I run.

Chapter Two


“Not so fast.” I grab her bag by the strap and she comes to a halt as she tries to yank it out of my hand. She could abandon it, but if she’s like other people who are homeless, her life is in here. I take her upper arm and hold her close to me as we walk out of the showers and to the front of the gym. When I’d lost my key I’d asked the owners who I personally knew to check the cameras out front to see if I’d dropped it after I used it. I couldn’t find it anywhere else. They’d confirmed what I’d thought. Telling me a young girl had picked it up.

My grip on her isn’t tight, but as big as my hand is it can wrap all the way around her so she can’t get away. Her dark blonde hair is soaking wet and drips down onto my suit. The smell of the shampoo the gym uses hits my nose and I don’t like it on her. It’s a manly smell and she looks like strawberries and cream.

I’ve been watching her for a few days now and biding my time. I knew she was young, but I’m happy to hear that’s she’s legal. The way I was watching her in the shower long before she ever saw me could get me disbarred. I’ve been a judge for a long time and I’ve followed every letter of the law for my entire career. But I’ve never been so tempted to own a little slip of silk and use it for my release.

“You can’t do this, please. He’ll find me.” When we walk out into the cold air, I feel her body shiver. She’s still soaking wet and her dress clings to her in places, making it see-through.

“Fuck,” I curse as I look down at her pink nipples soaked against the material. “Do you have a baby?” I ask as I push her against the outside door of the building to cage her in and keep her from running again.

“What? A baby, no. Why would you ask me that? I’m only eighteen.”

I shrug as I pull off my suit jacket and put it on her. “Your nipples are wet. I wasn’t sure if it was milk.” Her face blanches at the same time her cheeks burn. “And you’re old enough to get pregnant. I’ve seen how ripe you are.”

I stare down at her for a long time and slide my finger along the neckline before I pull it out and peek down into the valley between her tits.

“What are you doing?” Her voice is a whisper, but I hear it.

“Just getting another look.” I let the material go and pull my coat tight around her before I take her upper arm again and begin walking.

The car I called for before I followed her in is waiting by the curb. I open up the back and give the driver directions as I put her inside and get in after her.

“If he finds me then I’m done for. I probably won’t ever get a chance to escape again.” She looks down my body and licks her lips. “I’ll do whatever you want. Just name it.”

“Are you offering to suck my dick so I’ll let you go?” I ask, raising an eyebrow at her.

“I-I, um…”

I lean close and take her chin gently between my thumb and forefinger. “Why would I let you go after I’ve had this mouth wrapped around my cock?” Her mouth closes and she stares at me but doesn’t say anything.

The drive to the courthouse doesn’t take long, and when we get there she tries again to make a run for it. I put my arm around her waist and practically carry her into the building and into my chambers. When I walk into my office, I’m thankful my secretary isn’t there yet. I don’t need to explain what’s happening. I kick the door closed behind me before I bolt it shut and release her.

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