By: Alexa Riley

“That’s different, I didn’t know you were there.”

“I’m asking you to do something you’ve already done, and I bet if you let me take a look down there, I’ll see that you really do want me to look at it.”

She licks her lips and I see her take a breath as she plays with the hem of her dress. I wait in silence as she slowly begins to move. It feels like hours, but it might only be minutes as she raises one leg over the arm of the chair and finally does the other. Her pussy is still covered with the material of her dress but she’s gripping it tight with both hands.

“You can take all the time you want but I’m a patient man. I’ve also got enough power to keep you in here for as long as I want. Now show it to me.”

Slowly she raises the material to reveal her pink pussy with her lips spread and everything on display. It’s obscene and in complete contrast to how fucking innocent she looks.

“God damn,” I choke out as my mouth waters and my hand shakes. I wipe it down my face, not believing what I’m seeing. “So fucking pretty.” My voice is low, but I’m in control no matter what my shaking hands say. “I’ve never seen a pussy so pink before.” I lick my lips and inhale, praying I can catch a faint scent. “Stay just like that.”

I push away from the edge of the desk and instead of going closer to her I go back around to the other side and take a seat. I unbuckle my belt and slip my hand inside my slacks as I lean back and stroke my cock.

“Don’t you dare put those legs down. I want to see every inch of you while I cum.”

I bring my palm to my mouth and run my tongue down it before I wrap it around my length and start jerking my cock hard and fast. I can feel sweat bead on my forehead and my free hand grips the arm of my chair so I don’t get up and run over to her.

“Oh god,” she gasps, her eyes wide with shock and a trace of excitement.

My arm is burning as I go up and down faster with each stroke. Her lips glisten as she takes in the sight of me jerking off in front of her, and a drop of clear pussy juice runs out of her and down her ass.

“Fuck!” I bark, cumming quickly all over my hand and making a fucking mess. I don’t take my eyes off her as I push through the pain and pleasure of my excitement and need for her.

My heart is beating out of my chest and my head is dizzy, but I let go of my cock and try to catch my breath.

“Jesus,” she whispers, and I see her eyes are wider now than they were before.

I grab a couple of tissues off my desk and clean myself up, all the while keeping my eyes on her. “Put your fucking legs down,” I growl, mad at myself and mad at her for having such treasure between her thighs.

She hesitates before she lowers her dress and puts her legs together. I think it’s then she realizes she wasn’t trying to cover herself when I was jerking off but holding it higher and higher with every stroke.

“Now,” I say as I tuck my cock back into my slacks. All that work for zero relief. “Let’s work out the terms of you staying with me.”

Chapter Three


I clench my thighs together trying to listen to what he’s saying, but all I can focus on is the throb between my legs. It’s the sweetest pain I’ve ever known. I want to touch myself so badly, but I fight it.

“Are you listening to me, kitten?” Smith’s hard words jolt me back to him.

I lick my dry lips from all the panting I was doing. His face is stern and he’s concentrating. The glimpse of pleasure I saw on his face when he came is gone. It was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen and I want to watch it again. I want to make him to do that again because of what he sees when he looks at me.

I nod so he knows I’m listening, but really my mind is trying to play catch up on the last hour of my life. What the hell is happening?

“I don’t think you are.” He gets up and looks down at me. “Stay,” he commands as he marches from his office. I don’t turn to look when I hear his door slam, but I know he’s gone. The power that surrounds him leaves the room with him.

Before I can think about what I’m doing, I slip my hand between my thighs, needing my own release. I tell myself I have to do this or I won’t be able to focus or think straight. I’ve tried to touch myself before. I’ve thought about what it would be like to have a boy touch me while I did it, but I could never get there or even close. I couldn’t even get myself wet, but now my thighs are coated with need, showing me I wanted everything he did.

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