By: Alexa Riley

Maybe that’s the problem. I’ve been thinking about soft caresses. Not a dominant force taking what they wanted. Smith didn’t take anything from me. He stepped away from me and pleasured himself as I watched. It makes me wonder what it would feel like if I got to wrap my small hand around him or even my mouth as he’d said in the car. His crude comments took me by surprise. My whole body tingled at his words.

I close my eyes and this time I think about what he would’ve done if he took my hand and put it around his cock. I conjure an image in my mind of him grabbing my wrist and guiding me up and down. His deep voice commanding that I get him off exactly how he wants me to.

My fingers brush my soaked clit and my whole body jerks at the light touch. I’m so ready for release that I choke out a moan, trying desperately to remain silent. My mind goes to him grabbing me by my wet hair and forcing me forward. I can see his other hand on my jaw making my mouth open wide as he thrusts into it and I taste him.

I cum as the fantasy plays out and my eyes close tighter. As my first orgasm rolls through my body I’m shocked at the pleasure. It’s unlike anything I knew existed in this world and it takes a hold of me.

Something clicks around my ankle and my wave of warmth is cut short. My eyes fly open and all I see is Smith. His eyes are fixed between my legs as I pull my hand from my pussy. I hadn’t heard him come back in and I can’t believe I just did that in his office. I’m out of control.

He grabs my wrist to stop me as he stares at my glistening fingers. I stay frozen.

How do I keep getting caught in these positions? It’s almost as if I want to get caught. I knew he came to the gym earlier than everyone else. I knew he’d be back in his office in moments, but still I’d pushed that line. Heck, I think maybe I marched right over it. Maybe I really do need a guardian at eighteen to oversee me. I’m either too naïve or too risky—I don’t have a middle ground.

He pulls my hand towards his mouth and I slide in the chair towards him. His mouth closes around my fingers and sucks on them. I can feel the warm, wet heat of his tongue as he goes between them. His eyes close as a sound vibrates from him. I moan, watching him, and as fast as I made the ache go away, it’s back. I need to orgasm all over again. Only this time I want that suck between my legs. My throbbing clit is making itself known and it’s out of hibernation.

He opens his eyes and they lock with mine when I moan. He looks so angry that I jerk back because I don’t know what else to do. He lets go of my wrist as I slide back into the chair. He towers over me before leaning down and resting his hands on the arms of the chair.

“You’re asking for it.” I don’t respond because I’m not sure if he’s right or not. He sucks in a breath and I swear I think he’s breathing me in. “You’re lucky I got to see you cum or I’d have you over my desk.”

My mouth falls open and he pushes away as he goes to the other side of his desk. How do I want to get away from him but also hate the distance he put between us just now?

It’s then I realize there’s something around my ankle. I look down to see an ankle cuff and it knocks me back to reality. My head snaps up and I glare at him. He has a small satisfied smirk on his face and all it does is make my blood boil.

“Since you like to run, I thought the tracker was necessary.” I grab at it and pull but know it’s not coming off. Still I keep trying. “Knock it off before you hurt yourself.”

His words are forceful, but I can hear a trace of concern there, too. I let go of the cuff. “I’m not some criminal,” I throw at him, and he raises an eyebrow at me. We both know I am, but for a moment I’d forgotten.

“Not to mention the report your uncle filed on you.” He taps the folder on his desk.

Does he believe all the lies my uncle said about me? Is that why Smith is acting this way with me? Maybe he thinks I’m the kind of girl that does this all the time. Maybe I am and didn’t know it yet. Yet even with my anger growing I want to throw myself at him. I wonder if his lips would be firm or soft against mine. I want to know what it would feel like to be kissed by someone like him.

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