Keeping Secrets

By: Kristol Locks

“Do you have any regrets?”

He kissed my lips softly. “No. Maybe that will happen later. I have never cheated before.”

“I am glad you aren’t having regrets. I hope you never have them.” I took the knot out of his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. Then I caressed his chest.

Myles sighed, “I see you can’t keep your hands to yourself. I wish I did not like it so much.”

“I am glad you like me touching you. If we had more time, round-two would be with your shirt and tie off.”

Myles moved a few strands of my blonde hair from my face. “We cannot do this again here. It’s not safe. And I don’t want my wife to ever find out about us.”

“I know about an app that we can use. It hides phone numbers and messages. The launch image looks like a poker hand. It’s a real game. However, there is a secret door. After you find and tap on the door, you can see your messages.”

“I think the app will work out fine. It’s just that we can’t always be available to each other. Do you understand, Charlotte? Is this really what you want? I don’t want to hurt you more than I already have. . .”

I pressed my finger to his lips. “I know. You have no worries with me. If we do or do not have time for each other after tonight, it’s fine. You don’t belong to me. And I don’t belong to you.”

“Charlotte, you confuse me. I can’t read you at all. You are so . . .”


“Hard to understand, and I do care about you. And because of that, I feel guilty about having sex with you. You deserve better. . .”

“I will be the judge of what I deserve. Do you feel bad about cheating on your wife? If so, this does not have to happen again.”

“I feel bad that I don’t feel bad about it. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me. Maybe I’ll feel differently when I see her. . . Right now-I just want to keep you in my arms, and I know it is wrong to want you. We have both been fighting this feel for so long. . . and it all came down to this night.”

“It’s our secret.”

Myles gasped, “Shit! Do you hear that?”

“Were you expecting someone this late? It has to be after nine,” I whispered.

Someone tried to open his door and then there was a knock.

“Hello Myles, I don’t know why I always get your voicemail,” a female voice said and then continued. “I thought I was supposed to meet you at your office tonight. Did you forget? Call me when you get this message. I am just going to drive myself to the restaurant. I’m hoping to see you there. You really should be more responsible.”

We stayed quiet until we heard her footsteps fade.

My head was spinning with confusion. “Was that your wife? Did you forget she was coming here?”

“No. It’s work-related. I forgot that some of us were meeting tonight for a late dinner. I offered to drive. She is going to see my car in the parking lot . . . I need to get to the parking lot before she drives off. We have to leave, Charlotte.”

“We can’t leave at the same time. I will lock up and leave when it’s clear.”

After Myles left, I went to the window and peaked through the blinds. I saw a lady in the parking lot standing next to a light post. She was looking toward Professor Andrew’s office window. There was no way she could see me. So I continued to observe her.

Moments later, Myles came running toward the lady. They did not embrace. They headed to Myles’ car and drove off. In spite of what Myles told me, I wondered if the lady was actually his wife.

Chapter 4

I walked into Myles’ small bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. My long blonde hair was a mess, my lips were minus any hint of red lipstick, and my bright-blue eyes looked sad. I missed his kiss, arms and the sound of his voice. Being with him was wrong, and it was more than selfish. However, I did not want to think about that. I only wanted to remember how I felt next to his body. Being with him warmed the coldness that had settled in my heart, and because of that, I told myself it was worth it.

I turned off the light in the bathroom, put on my jacket and picked up my purse. Then I listened by the door to make sure it was safe to leave. It was not. I could hear voices and footsteps in the hall. I did not want to turn on any lights in Myles’ office, so I took my phone out of my purse and used the light to navigate my way to his desk. Once seated, I found myself admiring a picture of his wife and him at some party. They were looking at each other and laughing. His wife’s hair was dark and cut in a bob. She looked sexy and fun. I could see why he married her.

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