Look Don't Touch

By: Tess Oliver

Jack's voice drifted to me through the noise in the room and the thumping pulse in my ears. "You haven't told me what you're going to need for this self-inflicted punishment."

"I need someone to hang around the house, someone who I crave like a madman. All the while keeping her at arm's distance."

"Are you thinking about that rich little hell cat? What's her name? Kimberly?"

I shook my head "Nope, that would never work. Kim basically grabs my cock the second she walks in the door." I watched with keen interest as Shay swept up her discarded clothes and the money that was strewn across the stage like fallen leaves. Men were crawling over each other, shoving elbows into noses, trying to push more money into her g-string. Rocky had to stand right next to her on stage to keep them from grabbing her.

I sat forward and pulled my wallet out from my back pocket. I plucked out a crisp hundred dollar bill, then I walked to the edge of the stage and held it up.

Shay caught a glimpse of me, standing politely, away from the fray, with my new hundred dollar bill. She sashayed over with enough swing of her hips to spin the sparkly pasties covering her nipples. Her plump round breasts hung low, near enough for me to smell the perfume on her skin, as she leaned down and favored me with that magazine cover smile. On closer inspection, her eyes were a sable brown with flecks of gold and those too full lips were shiny with gloss. I kept my focus directly on her face as I reached up and pushed the hundred dollar bill into the lacy band of her g-string.

She winked at me and swiveled away on her high heels, leaving everyone with an unforgettable view of her ass as she walked off stage.

I turned my attention back to Jack. "I need that girl."


One month later

The doorbell chimed, ejecting me from my deep, drunken sleep. My head nearly exploded with pain as I squinted into the streams of daylight seeping past the blinds. A small, soft foot pushed against my thigh, jerking me further out of my groggy state. I lifted the cover and noticed that a long, smooth leg was attached to the foot. And past the long pair of legs was a supple, naked ass with a blue ink dragonfly. The insect tattoo curled its tail as the woman under my quilt stretched and relaxed again on the mattress. A squeaky yawn came from the far corner of my massive bed, a sound that couldn't have been attached to the dragonfly woman unless she was seven feet tall. I lifted the blanket higher, and in the shadows of the bed linens, I discovered another woman curled up in a cozy sleep.

The doorbell echoed through the house again, stirring both of my drowsy sleep partners, but only for a few seconds before they both purred into a dream state again. I climbed out of bed. My feet landed squarely on a pair of silky panties. The trail of clothes and shoes led out the bedroom door to the hallway. A black leather mini skirt straddling the doorway was just about the only thing I remembered about the night before. I vaguely remembered the skirt shoved up above a pair of pink lace panties, which I didn't see anywhere in the room.

The pain in my head was compounded by the nausea in my gut. The room spun wildly as I grabbed my jeans off the floor. I pulled the phone from my pocket. It seemed my new friends and I had slept away most of the day.

I buttoned the fly on my jeans as I plodded down the hallway to the entry. Jack's tall silhouette filled the wavy glass on the front door. I pulled it open and headed into the kitchen before he'd even stepped inside.

"Do you mean you've been holed up right here in Malibu this whole fucking time? I've been calling and texting for days." Jack's loud voice ricocheted off the plaster walls and slammed right into my throbbing forehead.

I put my hand up to stop him from continuing. "You'll need to lower your voice about a hundred decibels unless you want to see my skull explode." I reached for the coffee pot and poured myself a cup of two day old coffee.

"Must have been one helluva night." Jack plucked something up off the stool in front of the kitchen island. It was the infamous pink panties.

"Guess I didn't just imagine those after all." I stuck the cup of coffee in the microwave.

"Is it safe to sit on this stool?" Jack asked.

"Unless you fall off of it, I think it's safe."

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