Look Don't Touch

By: Tess Oliver

"Chili and onions," I said. "And a root beer."

"Hmm, I took you more as an orange soda man," a feminine voice floated over my shoulder.

I turned around. A long swirl of red hair curled down alongside her high cheekbones, framing her bright blue eyes and full pink lips. They were tinted light blue from the drink. She was wearing a tiny t-shirt stretched tightly over her tits, providing me with a nearly unobstructed view of her nipples.

"Root beer goes best with a three piece suit. I save orange soda for a t-shirt and jeans."

Her lashes fluttered down. Her enthusiastic blue gaze stopped at my fly. She smiled. "I'll bet you are nothing short of heartbreaking in a pair of jeans."

She glanced out toward the parking area. My red Ferrari sat all alone, looking completely out of place on the cleared section of dirt and gravel.

"Did you drive up in that?" she asked, turning back to me with her sweet smile.

"I might have."

She laughed. "Humbleness doesn't go well with this." She motioned a circle in front of me. "All this broad shouldered hunkiness. Lift your sunglasses so I can see if your eyes go with the rest of you."

"Damn, I hope so. I'm sort of stuck with them." I lifted my sunglasses and shoved them on my head.

She turned back to the table. "You win, Kate," she called to her friend. "They're green." She favored me with a admiring wink. "With that dark head of hair, I had my money on brown."

"Hope you didn't lose too much cash."

"Five bucks." She stepped forward. Her hand slipped between us. She took a discrete grab at my cock, which had already come to attention at the sight of her puckered nipples.

"Maybe I can find a way to make it up to you." My mind went straight to calculating how long it would take to have her hot and wet and sitting on my lap in the Ferrari. And then there was the added variable of ten to thirty minutes, but something told me I could pull it off. The cherry on top of the sundae standing in front of me seemed more than worth the effort.

My hot dog showed up just as the cherry grabbed my hand. She pulled me along to a cinderblock outbuilding behind the hot dog stand. It seemed I'd been wasting time with my calculations. She saved us the trip out to the parking lot and had decided on a shortcut to a quickie.

I dropped my hot dog in the trash can, figuring it was probably going to get in the way of a speedy fuck.

Her plump bottom rocked side to side as she led me along a cement path to the far side of the building, a location that was out of view of the track and the riders and pretty much the whole damn place.

She stopped along a blank wall and threw her arms around my neck. Her tongue swept over the pink gloss on her bottom lip. "God, you are positively delicious." She parted her lips for a kiss.

"Hmm, I was thinking the same thing about you." I wrapped my arms around her. She was soft and supple and incredibly sexy. I lowered my mouth but stopped just an inch from making contact. "Just to be safe—how old are you?"

"Old enough to keep you out of jail. And you're starting to disappoint me. I took you for someone who could make me come before I took a second breath."

"Well, I don't want to be a disappointment. That's for damn sure." I shoved my foot between her shoes and forced her feet apart, while my tongue explored her mouth. She rubbed her belly against my erection. She groaned with satisfaction as it pushed urgently against her.

My mouth devoured hers as I quickly unbuttoned her shorts. I swept one hand beneath her tight shirt where I happily discovered the reason her nipples were so prominently displayed.

"Braless. Nice. That saves a step." My thumb razed across her nipple, and I pinched it between my thumb and forefinger. She sucked in a sharp, pleased breath as I gave it a little tug.

Her fingers fiddled with the button on my pants as I swept my hands down her shorts and panties and took hold of her naked ass. I pulled her harder against my cock. "Can't we go inside this block box?"

"It's locked," she breathed against my mouth. "Are you getting cold feet?" She rubbed her fingers along the outline of my erection. "Cuz this lovely, hard pussy poker seems ready to go."

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