Midnight Obsession

By: Olivia Thorne

A Midnight Riders Motorcycle Club Romance Part 4



I came to Richards, California a week ago to find out who murdered my cousin Ali.

In the last five minutes, I’d nearly been murdered myself.

Lou Shaw, the brutal but clever VP of the Midnight Riders, had somehow discovered I had a secret. He put a gun to my head and accused me of working with the DEA.

Which was true… sort of.

An undercover DEA agent named Eddie Deacon had infiltrated the MC over the last three years. A couple of nights ago he’d basically blackmailed me into helping him get closer to the president of the club:

Jack Pollari.

The man I was in love with.

After being continually pulled in different directions – by my loyalty to my cousin, by my devil’s bargain with Eddie, by my love for Jack – I’d done what I needed to do to save my own skin: I’d confessed.

Not to being a snitch for the DEA. That would have gotten me killed for sure.

No, to the part about looking for Ali’s murderer.

Now Lou and the rest of his gang knew why I was in Richards. My search for Ali’s killer had failed. I would never know what happened to my cousin in that back alley a year ago.

As bad as that was, there was something worse: the look on Jack’s face when he found out I’d betrayed him.

He had completely leveled with me just a few hours ago. Jack had told me that Lou thought I was a mole, that I was in danger, and that he was supposed to find out the truth. He’d asked me point-blank if there was anything I needed to tell him.

I said no. He believed me.

He’d risked everything for me… and I had paid him back with lies.

Now he’d lost his position as president… the trust and respect of his men… and maybe even his life.

Even if we both got out of this, I could tell from his expression that I’d destroyed whatever chance at happiness I might have had with him.

It hurt so bad it made me want to die.

Unfortunately, that possibility was still very much on the table.


“What do you think?” Lou asked the rest of the Midnight Riders gathered in the Roadhouse. “Should we solve this the Jack Pollari way?”

Lou’s voice became mocking. Effeminate.

“With kindness… and gentleness…” Then his voice returned to a gravelly snarl: “…and ball-less, shitheaded stupidity?”

There was a roar from the MC and a shouted chorus of NO’s!

Lou walked over to me and put his revolver to the side of my head. “Or should we solve this the Lou Shaw way and blow the bitch’s brains out?”

Half of the room thundered their approval as I shook uncontrollably with fear.

The other half just watched in frozen horror.

However Jack had felt towards me ten seconds ago, now his face contorted in rage. “LEAVE HER THE FUCK ALONE!”

Lou turned and looked at Jack. “That’s what you want?”

“Of course it is!”

Lou smirked with amusement. “This lying bitch betrayed you, and you want to let her walk?”

Jack glared at Lou. I could tell he wanted to say something along the lines of, Somebody ELSE betrayed me, too. I definitely want HIM dead.

But instead he looked at me, and the hatred in his eyes felt like a hundred razors slicing my skin. “Yes.”

Lou chuckled. “You’re even more of a pussy than I thought, Jack.”

All of Lou’s boys laughed and sneered.

Kade, Jack’s right-hand man, looked around at his fellow Riders with cold contempt. He couldn’t exactly do anything about it, though, with handcuffs on his wrists, shackles on his legs, and a sawed-off shotgun at his back.

“But I’ll tell you what,” Lou said with grandiloquent magnanimity. “As my parting gift to you… the ex-president of the Midnight Riders… you got it.”

He uncocked the revolver and let the gun drop to his side.

“Now get these pieces of shit out of my clubhouse,” he growled.


The Riders descended on us like a pack of wild animals. A dozen hands seized my arms and legs, and their owners cackled and hooted and leered as they simultaneously pawed at me and dragged me through the Roadhouse and threw me outside in the dirt.

Jack tumbled down next to me. A second later Kade slammed face-first into the gravel, unable to break his fall with his hands cuffed behind his back.

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