Rosemary's Double Delight

By: Heather Rainier

Divine Creek Ranch 4

Rosemary is a firecracker, the one who completes them. Wes and Evan have loved this fierce little ebony-haired beauty since kindergarten, even when she’s being a spoiled rotten brat. The brothers stil adore Rosemary now that she’s a woman, but Evan has issues. Her mouth gets her in trouble, Evan’s temper gets him in trouble, and even tempered Wes is always caught in the middle.

Rosemary won’t tolerate Evan’s controlling ways, especially when he threatens to spank her. Why can’t Rosemary just do as Evan tel s her, especial y when it’s for her own good? Wes spends his time making peace, when he’d rather make love. They bring out the worst in each other, and hurt Wes in the process. She won’t give up because they’re also magical together, when they manage to get along! Add in a hot spanking, a fit of temper, and something’s gonna have to give.


To my husband, thank you for encouraging me to pursue my dream and for your unfailing patience. Brainstorming and doing research with you is so much fun.

To the girls, Tonya, Christi, Jennifer and Lisa, the ones who’ve stuck by me through all the hard work, made me laugh and talked me off the ledge.

Special thanks to Lisa and Tonya for their special skills.

I owe a debt of gratitude to Diana, Alison, Caroline, Elisa and all the incredibly talented staff at Siren Publishing. It is a pleasure being a Siren author.

Chapter One

The middle of July…

The humid air hung in the large workshop as Evan stroked loose dust from the smooth oak surface with his hand. The odors of freshly sawn wood and turpentine permeated the shop as the radio played a Travis Tritt song.

“Why don’t you call Rosemary tonight?” Wes asked as he turned to the work table, wiping down the framework for the padded bench.

Fucking mind reader.

“Naw. She’d probably rather talk to you, Wes. I don’t want to upset her anymore.” Anymore. Shit, now even Travis Tritt was getting in on the fun, poking at the painful spot in his chest.

Wes continued in a reasonable tone. “Not talking this out is what’s upsetting her. She misses you. She wishes things were like they used to be, before…you know.”

Evan turned to look his brother in the eye. “Before I fucked everything up. Yeah, I know.”

“That’s not what I meant. If you call her, she’d be happy to hear from you. It’d be a start anyway.”

“We’ll see,” Evan muttered. The ball was in his court, and he stood there like an idiot watching it bounce away. “She working today?”

“Yeah, she usually takes lunch at eleven thirty,” Wes offered helpfully. “I could spare you for a while if you want to take her to lunch.”

The lyrics of “Anymore” mocked him as the song came to its final refrain. “And I’m tired of pretending I don’t love you anymore.”

“I’ll think about it.” Evan looked at his watch. He’d stop at ten o’clock and take a shower. It would be good to talk to her. He missed the old times something fierce.

* * * *

Rosemary chatted with Jack Warner as she folded the shirts he was purchasing into a neat stack on the sales counter at Cheaver’s Western Store.

“How are things going with you and those Garner boys?” Jack asked as he handed her his debit card.

“All right, I guess. Wes seems fine, but Evan I don’t know about.”

“Be patient, sweetheart. He’ll come around.” Jack smiled at her compassionately. “They’re good men, and they deserve a good woman. Plus, they need someone to keep them on their toes. I imagine you’re up to that challenge?”

“I hope so. You, Grace, Ethan and Adam give me hope. The wedding plans going all right?”

“Oh, yeah. Are you coming with Wes?”

“Yes. I wouldn’t miss it.” She handed him his shopping bag.

“Well, hang in there. We’ll see you around,” Jack said with a wink before strolling off to the front door.

A few minutes later, a woman approached the sales counter and laid several items on it then plopped her over-sized, knock-off 10

handbag down beside them. Rosemary heaved a mental groan, remembering where she’d last seen this oh-so-annoying person.

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