Secret Tastes(SECRET DREAMS, BOOK 4)

By: Miranda P. Charles


SAMANTHA LANE WAS WET. Very wet. Even the ends of her long brown hair were sodden. Her umbrella was nowhere near big enough to protect her from the incessant rain.

The good news was she was now first in line for a taxi. But she’d been standing there for over twenty minutes, and the last cab that had picked up the passenger before her had left ten minutes ago. Where were all the blasted taxis?

If she wasn’t still on a high from a wonderful night, she’d be downright cranky by now. Fortunately, she was still feeling the buzz, which negated the dampening effects of the bad weather and the long wait to get home.

The cooking master class presented by the Michelin starred celebrity chef, who’d flown in to Sydney just for the special event, had been fantastic. But it was the last two hours of mingling with the attendees that had held enormous value for her.

Those who’d paid top dollar for the closed door after-class drinks had been given the opportunity to meet and greet food industry experts who were normally out of reach to the general public. Professionals from fresh food suppliers to well-known Australian chefs were on hand.

And paid top dollar, she had. She wouldn’t have missed it for the world. While part of her reason for coming to Sydney was to visit her cousin, Kris McCann, and their best friends, Jasmine Allen-Summers and Ari Mitchell, Samantha had made sure her trip coincided with this rare occasion.

All in all, she had an excellent time. Except for one thing. She was sure she’d made an enemy tonight—in the form of an ultra-glamorous, sensational-looking woman whose name she didn’t get to know.

Miss Glam-Who-Can’t-Cook—as she’d nicknamed her—had rubbed her off the wrong way with her haughty, unfriendly attitude and her ridiculous questions that anyone with the most limited understanding of food preparation would know. For heaven’s sake, people had shelled out good money to learn advanced cooking techniques, not waste their time hearing answers to basic questions like “how do you know if the oil’s hot enough?” Seriously!

Samantha wasn’t usually the rock-the-boat type of person, but geez, Miss Glam-Who-Can’t-Cook really got up her nose. It had been her bad luck that she had to sit next to the woman all through the class. When she’d quietly—and very politely—volunteered to teach Miss Glam-Who-Can’t-Cook the basics of cooking after the master class had finished, she’d gotten an evil glare and a bitchy flick of lustrous hair with perfectly manicured fingers. Samantha probably shouldn’t have offered, but the woman had been hogging the Q&A with her elementary-level questions.

Samantha exhaled loudly. Thinking about Miss Glam-Who-Can’t-Cook while standing in the middle of a driving rain diminished her remaining enthusiasm. Thank God she wasn’t likely to bump into that woman again.

She craned her neck, hoping that the vehicle drawing near was an empty cab. Unfortunately, it wasn’t even a taxi. Maybe she should text Kris back and tell her she needed to be picked up. She should have waited until she was inside a cab before sending her cousin a message that she’d catch one home instead.

The approaching car slowed down to a stop directly in front of her and the driver wound down the passenger side window.

“Sam?” a man called from within.

Surprised, she bent down to look inside the vehicle. Her heart started beating wildly as a handsome face with chestnut hair and hazel eyes grinned at her. Goodness, it was Adam Craig.

“Adam! What are you doing here?”

“I’ve come to pick up a friend. I didn’t know you’d be here. Hop on in.”

She eyed the interior of his expensive luxury car. “I’m drenched. I might ruin your leather seat.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Adam said with a laugh, reaching over to open the front passenger door.

With a grateful smile, Sam closed her umbrella and got in. She felt guilty about the amount of water dripping off her, but she let herself relax. She was comfortable with Adam. As he was one of the best friends and business partners of Trey Andrews, Kris’s fiancé, she’d known Adam long enough to know he was a wonderful, easy-going guy.

“Are you okay?” Adam asked.

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