Seducing Her Beast

By: Sam Crescent

Unlikely Love, 4

Chapter One

12 years after the events of

Blackmailed by the Beast

Lily Brown sprinkled over the last of the grated chocolate then placed the glasses of white chocolate mousse on the tray. She loved the small dinner parties she presented, which Wayne willingly attended. They were for his friends and their wives, which made everything perfect. Richard and Tony were always welcome, and so were Scarlet and Opal. She had never thought there would be so much love in her life. In the early days with Wayne she’d had her doubts. Now, she felt so much for her husband she didn’t know how she’d ever survive without him.

They had three beautiful children, and one of them was almost a teenager. But Lily didn’t mind, and the love between her and her husband could set fire to the coldest of climates. She blushed remembering the way he’d taken her over his knee and spanked her ass several nights ago. Lily had never thought a spanking could be so erotic. She could never ask for him to slap her ass, but she craved the punishment. They were exploring some kinky stuff. At least it was kinky to her. Wayne did things to her body that left her raw and aroused for days afterwards. He was the best part of her life.

She glanced around her kitchen at the twinkling Christmas lights she’d placed over the shelves. Christmas was a wonderful time of year. The tree was already decorated in the corner in the sitting room. Presents had been purchased and stored for wrapping later. The excitement was already building inside of her. She couldn’t wait to collect the gift she’d found for Wayne.

Opening the kitchen door with her butt she turned to see the room had gone quiet. Wayne smiled at her as she placed the tray down.

“You’re one fabulous cook, Lily,” Richard said.

“Thank you.” She gave everyone their glass of mousse. Her husband caught her hand, kissing the inside of her wrist. She shivered from the electricity of his touch. It was always like this with him. However, she knew there was something on his mind. There was a withdrawal inside him. His eyes no longer sparkled as they looked at her. She knew he was thinking of something. Over the years in business he’d been named the “Beast” because of his harsh business ways. She pulled away to sit beside him. The conversation started up once again.

“What are you all doing for Christmas?” Wayne asked.

“We’re staying home. We’re going to enjoy the snow this year. Scarlet hates going abroad to the sunshine,” Richard said.

“I don’t like barbeque for Christmas. I want a turkey.” Scarlet smiled at her husband.

“I’m taking Opal to the cabin for the week. Christmas and snow with only ourselves for company,” Tony said. Lily watched the other man capture Opal’s cheek and kiss her deeply. The love between the two could not be mistaken for anything other than pure love.

“Eww, guys, she’s still my sister,” Richard said, turning away and covering his eyes.

“She’s my wife.” Tony kissed his woman one more time then pulled away.

Lily chuckled then took a spoonful of mousse. She noticed Wayne swirled his spoon in the white mouse but didn’t take a bite. Her heart began to pound inside her chest. What could be on his mind? She leaned over and took his hand.

He glanced at her waiting for her to respond.

“Are you all right?” she asked.

“Yes, I’m fine. This is delicious.” He gave her a smile then began talking to Richard. She didn’t mention about him not tasting the mousse. Lily wasn’t stupid. She knew there was something else going on. While the men left the room Lily cleaned away the plates, declining help from Scarlet and Opal.

They were sweet to offer help, but she needed to do something with her hands. She knew they followed her into the kitchen. Slowly, to make sure she didn’t break anything, she loaded up the dishwasher. Anything that couldn’t go in the dishwasher she placed in the sink.

“Are you all right?” Scarlet asked.

Lily chuckled then stood up to face the other two women. She took a breath then stared past their shoulders to the opposite wall. It was amazing how quickly life could change. She’d been so happy in her own little world while sprinkling the chocolate that she’d forgotten about Wayne’s detachment.

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