Selling Out to the Billionaire

By: Penny Wylder

Derek laughs. “My apologies for being late. My prior engagement ran long.”

“It’s not a problem,” I say. My mind is spinning. Derek Conway! This is so much better than I imagined. He has the ability to buy any house he wants, and I get to spend time looking at him while I work. My best friend Anna would say I'm eye-fucking him. Looking at the back of him as he walks past me, I can't say that I disagree. This commission will take care of me for a year. I don’t know what I did to finally catch some luck, but I’m not going to complain.

Derek walks up the drive to the door, taking in the outside of the house. He stops before the door, and I miss a step, almost crashing into him. “Would you like to see inside?” I ask. “It’s got some beautiful hardwood floors, and the back—”


“What?” I don’t think I’ve heard him right.

“This isn’t the one.”

My mouth drops open, and I’m glad he’s facing away from me. All my dreams of an amazing and easy commission evaporate. Is that it? “How can you be sure?” I say. “Maybe you should see inside before you make a decision.”

“I’m sure,” he says simply, turning to face me, “because I always know what I want the second I see it.” I swear that he’s looking at me... through me... but he’s still wearing those dark sunglasses and I can't be sure. Regardless, my stomach reacts to his words, exploding with butterflies. This is ridiculous. I need to get it together. He’s my client even if he looks like he stepped out of one of those insanely hot cologne ads.

I plaster a cheery smile on my face. “I can put together something else for you if you like. I can do some research and find you something you’ll like the second you see it.”

He has his phone out, scrolling through something. “Tonight,” he says. “I’d like to see two more places tonight. If that’s a problem, I can find someone else to do it.”

It’s his casual tone that frustrates me. Of course he can find someone else to do it. He’s one of the richest men in the world, people would fall over themselves to be this close to him. But this is my first client—I’m not going to have him walk away after the first house I show him, and not even going inside. So it’s going to be more challenging than I thought. Fine. I can still do this. “It shouldn’t be a problem,” I say, turning away from him and pulling my phone out and that card Jeremy handed to me.

I log onto our site and set the parameters based on this house. Approximately the same number of square footage, or higher. No limit on price. I glance through a couple of photos and choose the first one I see that reminds me of him in his fancy sports car. Plus one that has later showing hours tonight. Two and done. Obviously I could do better with more time, but if quick is what he wants, I’m not going to argue.

I turn around to face him again. “All set,” I say. “We have showings at seven and seven thirty at two different houses here in the hills. Will that work for you?”

He looks up from his phone so quickly that I get the sense he didn’t actually expect me to pull it off. It might have been some sort of test. He smiles a small smile that sets my heart racing even faster than it is; with the adrenaline I’ve already got flowing through me I could start running and never stop. “That will work fine. Please text me the addresses.” He heads back to his car, twisting to watch me with a cool smirk as he opens the door. “I’ll see you tonight.”

I watch him drive that gorgeous car away, and those words repeat in my head. I’ll see you tonight.

Damn it. Even with his brisk and walled off attitude, he’s still hotter than I ever imagined. I both love it and hate it. His words are seeping down into my skin and I feel my thighs warming in between.

I’ll see you tonight.

Yes, he will.


This next mansion is way better than the first one. I mean, the first house was gorgeous, but I’m almost glad Derek didn’t go inside that one now. This new one is much bigger, with everything someone like him could want.

Built in the Spanish style, it features rounded architecture, golden wood, and a list of amenities as long as my arm. Everything from a built-in theater to the single most gorgeous hot tub I’ve ever seen in my life. I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t love it.

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