Selling Out to the Billionaire

By: Penny Wylder

Unlike this afternoon, Derek pulls into the driveway right at seven. My emotions are warring with each other. On the one hand, I can’t ignore how relieved I am that I don’t have to wait for him again. Or that I don’t have to reschedule the showing for the second house. But on the other hand, it's Derek-Freaking-Conway.

He's sex on two legs, and my body knows it. I'm ten times more nervous and a million times more turned on than I have any right to be. It's a bad combo. One that makes me sure I'm going to say something stupid.

My breath catches as he steps out of the car and I mentally slap myself. I mean, does he really have to look that good? It’s just not fair to us mere mortals.

The sun is setting now, creating hard shadows that play along his square jaw. They highlight his cheekbones and the smoothness of his please-kiss-me-lips. His dark sunglasses from earlier are gone; I can see his bright green eyes, even when he barely gives me a glance, instead examining the house behind me.

I’m holding my breath waiting for him to dismiss it out of hand, but he doesn’t. After about a minute of his staring, I dare to use my voice. “Would you like a tour?”

He focuses on me again, almost like he had forgotten I was there for a moment. He nods. Relief crashes through me. At the very least I can get him inside. I lead the way, holding open the entryway door for him. “I think you’ll really like this,” I say. “The style is clean and modern, very customizable. Although it already has many of the amenities I’m sure you want.” I gesture to the large skylight above the entryway. “The house has great natural light, which I think is a huge plus.”

I lead him through the entryway into the kitchen, pointing out the unique features and trying to ignore how close he is to me... how damn good he smells. Vaulted ceilings hover over a tiered room with a stunning view of the valley and a gorgeous balcony that leads to the surrounding property and pool. Derek follows me, attentive but silent.

The whole way through the house I talk, and he listens. Whenever I glance back at him he’s looking at me and not the house. It’s disconcerting. But I’m hoping that I’m at least making a good impression. I lead him upstairs and through the guest rooms and into the master suite. “This is really one of the best parts of the house,” I say, gesturing to the giant set of rooms. “There’s a connected office, a walk in closet that could fit your car inside it, and of course, this is beautiful.”

We’re standing in the center of the master bedroom which is furnished with a bed the size of Texas. The room is clean and open with a balcony overlooking the property and beautiful casement windows spread throughout the room. With the curtains blowing in the breeze there's no doubt the room is grand—even magical. Maybe Derek thinks so too, because for the first time he actually looks interested.

Then he opens his mouth. “I don’t like it.”

I try to fight the falling sensation of disappointment in my stomach. “What is it that you don’t like so I can make a note?”

He stares at the giant bed, his eyes narrowing. The way he studies it I can't help but imagine all sorts of perverse images. Him, bending me over the edge... me, squealing as he spreads my legs as wide as possible. I have to fight off the thoughts before I turn any redder.

Derek glances towards the balcony. He smiles a little, a tiny motion that makes me ache to kiss the corner of his mouth. Ugh. “I prefer floor to ceiling windows. Especially in the master bedroom. When I’m in the middle of fucking a woman senseless, I like the idea that someone could be watching.”

I go bright red, unable to stop myself from imagining that exact situation. Both of us in that massive bed, Derek moving over me and doing wicked things to my body. The image makes my face heat even more. I try to say something, but nothing comes out but breath. Derek smirks at me knowingly. Damn him for knowing the effect he has on people.

I push the image of us naked and writhing out of my head, trying to regain my mental footing. "And you're so sure that whomever was watching would like what they saw?"

His lips twist into a wider smile. "Well, you certainly seem to,” he chuckles.

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